Grandpa Grande Dead: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

ariana grande, ariana grande grandfather dead

(Instagram/Ariana Grande)

Ariana Grande fans have showed an outpouring of love for their favorite singer after she made the announcement on Wednesday morning that her grandfather and biggest fan passed away after a long battle with cancer. The singer and actress has visited him many times in the hospital over the past few months, and revealed his death with a Tweet early Thursday morning.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Frankie Grande Doesn’t Know Yet

frankie grande instagram, frankie grande

(Instagram/Frankie Grande)

Ariana’s brother Frankie is currently a contestant on Big Brother. As per the rules of the show, he doesn’t have access to the outside world, and has yet to hear about his grandfather’s death. TMZ reports that the live feeds from the Big Brother house have also made it clear that Frankie has no idea about his grandfather’s death.

Ariana, however, has made it known that it was her grandfather’s dying wish that his family keep his death a secret from Frankie. When they asked whether or not he wanted them to pull Frankie out of the house, her grandfather said “no way! he’s gotta play the game even though i don’t understand it.”

2. He Had a Twitter Of His Own

Grandpa Grande was apparently a pretty hip guy. The old-timer had a twitter of his own and in October 2011, “Happy Birthday Grandpa Grande” was even trending. Grandpa Grande used his Twitter account mainly to reach out to his family and show his support for his granddaughter.

Grandpa Grande’s Twitter had only 23 tweets, but his granddaughter often retweeted his comments and posts.

3. Ariana’s Tattoo Is Of Her Grandfather’s Nickname For Her

A tattoo Ariana got in March reads “bellissima” which is her grandfather’s nickname for her, according to Bustle.

In early July, Ariana cancelled promotional work she was doing to be with her sick grandfather. Bustle describes her as an “unabashed family girl at heart” who has lost her “biggest fan”.

— Ariana Grande (@ArianaGrande) July 23, 2014


4. Ariana Chronicled His Battle With Cancer

ariana grande, ariana grade grandfather

(Instagram/Ariana Grande)

Over the past few months, Grandpa Grande has been trending on Twitter as Ariana has documented her visits to him in the hospital. In a recent Twitter post, Ariana wrote, “If only y’all knew how amazing he was… my heart hurts so much. It’s beyond broken :'( but I got to hold his hand and watch him find his peace.”


5. He Wanted Ariana To Fulfill Her Business Commitments


Grandpa Grande was obviously very proud of his granddaughter’s accomplishments, as he always tweeted support for Ariana on his Twitter. He is survived by hsi wife, who Ariana calls “Nonna”.

Grandpa Grande and #RIPGrandpaGrande began trending on Twitter within an hour of Ariana’s announcement.


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