‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers

Bachelor In Paradise begins August 4, 2014 on ABC at 8:00 p.m. EST and it’s going to be full of tears, drama, love, heartbreak, and even blood. Read on for all the spoilers we could gather, video clips, and more.

– According to Reality Steve:

Every new person that “arrives” in Mexico, brings a date card with them and gets a chance to ask anyone in the house to go on a date … Outside of the first episode, there are at least FOUR dates every episode – two from the new incoming people and two “house” dates, meaning people who were already there are given a card to ask someone to go on a date.

– Marcus Grodd is reportedly engaged to fellow Bachelor In Paradise contestant Lacy Faddoul.

– On the first episode, Michelle Kujawa leaves because she says she doesn’t have a connection with any of the cast members on the show, but there is a huge scandal. Reality Steve reports:

Right before the rose ceremony starts, Michelle Kujawa steps forward and leaves because she says she has no connection with anyone. Well, anyone of the cast members that is. That night back at her hotel is when she is caught with a sound guy in her room, he jumps off balcony and broke both his legs/feet. This is the clip where we see Chris Harrison coming to Michelle’s door in the preview when she slams it in his face. This had happened the next day after she was already gone from the show.

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– As for how the show goes, the men are the first ones giving roses to the women. The second rose ceremony has the women giving roses to the men. This continues throughout most of the season.

On Air with Ryan says:

There will be plenty of drama, especially from Clare, who competed for Juan Pablo‘s heart on last season’s Bachelor. In Paradise, she apparently has “major drama” with a guy at 2 a.m.

– On the second episode Marcus outs Ben. Reality Steve writes:

During this episode, Marcus finds a note in Ben’s suitcase from a girlfriend back home, he confronts him on it, and Ben leaves. Lets just say Marcus conveniently found the note. Producers actually found it but the show will make it seem like it was Marcus. I guess he was the one who they got to agree to just go along with the storyline.

– There is a love triangle on episode two:

Elise and Dylan had hit it off early in the first few days. Once Chris Bukowski arrived, Elise hooked up with him, Dylan found out about it and basically didn’t want anything to do with her anymore … Elise gives her rose to Dylan, but he rejects it like he told her he would, so she gives it to Chris. She apparently gives some speech after this about wanting guys to fight for them “til death do us part.” Cuck-koo, cuck-koo.

– On episode 3, Chris Bukowski gets injured in the ocean and leaves the show … Elise leaves with him. Apparently, producers gave Chris a ring and wanted him to propose, but he didn’t want to.

Reality Steve reports that on episode 6, Clare Crawley leaves.

Clare and Zack start re-evaluating their relationship. Zack seems to be going back and forth on what he wants, Clare doesn’t like it, so Clare leaves the show.

– After the sixth elimination ceremony, Chris Harrison tells the contestants that they need to decide if they will break up or stay together. Reality Steve lists the results:

-Tasos breaks up with Christy before the fantasy suite date

-Graham breaks up with AshLee before the fantasy suite date

-Sarah and Robert go on the fantasy suite date, but she breaks up with him afterwards

-Zack & Jackie break up (not sure if they went on the fantasy suite date)

-Marcus and Lacy go on the fantasy suite date and stay together

-Cody & Michelle go on the fantasy suite date and stay together

– Marcus and Lacy and Michelle and Cody are the two remaining couples at the end.

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