‘Bachelorette’ 2014 Spoilers: Are Andi Dorfman & Josh Murray Still Together?

Tonight is the finale of The Bachelorette and, in case you haven’t heard in many of our spoiler posts, Josh Murray is the winner. So the big question is – Are Andi and Josh still together? According to several sources, the couple is very much together and is planning a wedding with ABC.

After the proposal, a source gave an account of the couple’s status to Life & Style Magazine:

The lucky couple stayed in a $7,500-per-night room in a luxurious 35,000-square-foot villa in a Dominican Republic resort, set on a private beach. But the couple never had a chance to use it. “They didn’t do anything besides get to know each other, cuddle, read, talk,” the insider reveals to the mag. “They looked very relaxed and comfortable, and obviously affectionate.”

Since the show ended filming, there have been cheating rumors surrounding the couple, but Reality Steve says they are false and that the couple is happy together. Celebrity Dirty Laundry has a different story. The source says the couple is moving forward with a big wedding for “all the wrong reasons” and, as for the cheating rumors, the source says:

When Andi learned that Josh wasn’t exactly being honest with her and still had feelings for his ex, she began second-guessing her decision. US Weekly is reporting that Andi is now talking to Nick Viall behind Josh’s back and reconsidering the decision she made in the season finale of The Bachelorette. She knows that Nick Viall worshipped the ground she walked on and never would have jeopardized their relationship to chat with one of his exes.

So, it looks like Dorfman and Murray may have found true happiness together. After the finale, the two reveal that they’re madly in love and have been seeing each other pretty much every day, they sleep over each other’s places, they live 5 minutes apart, and they’ve worn a lot of disguises to try to keep their relationship a secret. Andi says that she and Josh want to enjoy being engaged, though Josh is pushing for a wedding sooner than she is.