‘The Bachelorette’ Finale 2014: Josh Murray Vs. Nick Viall

It’s down to Josh Murray and Nick Viall on the 2014 finale of The Bachelorette. To find out about the winner, click the below link:

As for the two final contestants, let’s look at each of them to see what makes them a good or a bad match for star Andi Dorfman. Let’s start with Josh and begin with the pros. Andi’s father is a big fan of Josh’s brother, the football star and they’re both sports fans. Andi was attracted to Josh straight off the bat and told the cameras that the show “nailed it” in picking Josh. The two also live in the same town, which means there will be no long-distance relationship issues and no one has to relocate. As for the cons, Josh and Andi fought several times about trust, especially when Andi had the guys take a lie detector test. Andi also worried about all the attention Josh and his family give his football star brother.

Then there’s Nick. Nick was the guy who got the first impression rose, which is a plus, except that history shows that whoever gets the first impression rose usually doesn’t win. Nick has done a lot of spontaneous things over the course of the season in order to impress Andi Dorfman or get alone time with her, which is a definite pro. On the other hand, Nick has had a lot of issues with the other contestants throughout the season, which never proves to be a positive. Andi loves kissing Nick and loves the way he makes her feel, but she definitely talks about her attraction to Josh a lot more than she does with Nick.

So, who do you think is the best match for Andi?

For more information on the two finalists, click the below links:


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OMG Nick is so gay. I can’t believe she put him in the final two. I think everything about him is him trying to cover up his true self.


Poor girl has picked two guys like the type she wanted to stay away from. I think they are both JERKS!

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