Bianca & Brogan, ‘Catfish’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Bianca is stuck in a small town and hopes to be united with her online love Brogan. With the help of a supermodel, Nev and Max are on the job, to find the Catfish in tonight’s season 3 finale episode. Read on for the facts …

1. Bianca And Brogan Bond Over Body Modification

Bianca loves piercings, tattoos, gages, and more, making body modification a large part of her life. When Brogan Lynn Acaster added her on Facebook, the two bonded over their love of this lifestyle, along with similar tastes in music. They began their relationship on Facebook, but now they text all the time and talk on the phone. The two have never video-chatted.

When the guys do some digging, they find a blog called “An Ever-Growing Wonder,” which is written by a girl named Chloe Acaster who actually turns out to be Chloe Purdon. When Bianca, Nev, and Max touch base with Chloe, Chloe was shocked to hear about what was going on.

But, when Nev calls up “Brogan”, she tells him her name is actually Tia and she tells him to meet her in Iowa. “Tia” says she didn’t come forward about who she really was because she was scared.

2. Growing Up In a Small Town Was Very Difficult for Bianca

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Bianca had a very hard childhood. Growing up black and gay in a small southern town, Bianca dealt with a lot of criticism and she feels like she doesn’t fit in, especially with all her piercings and tattoos. At age 14, Bianca came out and was faced with a lot of negativity. Parents even complained to the principal about her. Being a lesbian in Durham, North Carolina has been very stressful.

3. One Day “Brogan” Vanished With No Explanation

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Bianca never felt the need to video chat or meet Brogan because she thought it might be awkward, but when she finally started becoming comfortable enough to make this kind of move, Brogan vanished. She deleted her Facebook account and stopped communicating with Bianca. Then, one day, Brogan returned as if nothing had happened and no time had passed. Fearful Bianca never asked Brogan about her disappearance, worrying that her questions might scare off Bianca.

When Nev and Max do some digging, they find that there’s something not right with Brogan’s photos. They even find out that one of the photos belongs to someone who was actually pregnant, but the photo was cropped to get rid of the belly in the pic … Perhaps, Brogan disappeared because she had a kid … ?

4. Bianca Is a Music Artist

Bianca is a musician who hopes to move out of North Carolina to the Seattle or Portland area so she can follow her dreams. She’s hoping that Brogan will be a part of this life.

When Bianca finally meets the real Brogan, meaning Tia, she asks Tia why she made the profile. Tia admits to taking Chloe’s photos from Tumblr and said that she just got addicted to the fake profile. One comment that the guys make is that Tia actually looks a lot like Brogan. Upon hearing that, Tia says she was actually about 300 pounds when she started making the profile. Tia also reveals that she does have true feelings for Bianca.

Tia reveals that there was a sexual assault that happened to her when she was 14 years old and she’s suffered bullying just as Bianca has. She went into a depression, gained weight, and eventually became “Brogan.”

5. Supermodel Selita Ebanks Helps Bianca Find Out the Truth About “Brogan”

On the season 3 finale of Catfish, Bianca gives hosts Nev and Max permission to bring along supermodel Selita Ebanks, who is a fan of the show. Ebanks has been a victim of fake online profiles, and catfish incidents herself. With the additional help of Ebanks, Bianca is able to get to the truth about her relationship with “Brogan.”

In the beginning of the episode, Ebanks’ friend David Spade ends up calling her while she’s filming and it’s a humorous moment.




Bianca is gorgeous! !! Such a keeper. I would love to ask her out. Xoxo


I live in Durham nc and I would love to meet Bianca and just hang out and talk 😊

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