Blake & Kendra, ‘Catfish’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

On tonight’s new episode of Catfish, we meet a guy named Blake who is seeking out his online love Kendra … or is it Kiersten? … or Sara? To get ready for tomorrow’s premiere, MTV has an all-new extra episode tonight and we’ve got all the info on what went down right here.

1. There Are Multiple Names Linked to “Kendra”

When Blake does some digging on the “model” named “Kiersten,” who he’s been talking to on Twitter, he finds out her name may actually be Kendra. And, with the help of Nev and Max, they find many pages linked to “Kendra.” Is it Kiersten Taylor, Sara Grace, or Kendra Shay? The photos that Kendra first claims are real belong to a girl named Sara Grace. Then, she claims that her true photos are those of a brunette rather than the blonde photos Blake is used to. When Nev and Max try to locate “Kendra’s” photos online, they are unsuccessful.

2. Sara Grace Brings Another Name to the Table

When Nev and Max hunt down Sara Grace, who is the blonde girl in the photos, she reveals that Kendra, aka Kiersten, befriended her on Facebook. Then Sara revealed that she found out Kendra was manipulating a lot of people with her photos. In a video chat, Sara begins to cry as she talks about the whole ordeal.

After talking to Sara Grace, the guys find out that the brunette’s photos are Sarah Ordo, not “Kendra Shay.”

3. Blake Has Caught “Kendra” in Lies

Blake finds out that “Kendra” is not who she claims to be, especially in her photos. As “Kiersten,” she said that she dated a lot of famous people like Michael Phelps and David Hasselhoff is supposedly her godfather. Of course, these aren’t true.

4. Whenever They Try to Meet, “Kendra” Comes Up With Last Minute Excuses

One of the times that Blake tried to meet “Kendra,” she springs it on him that she has a son named Greyson. When Nev speaks with “Kendra,” she says that Blake has been very supportive of her while her son has been sick, but she’s still hesitant to meet. “Kendra” then agrees to meet them all in Idaho.

5. “Kendra” Is Not Who Blake Thinks She Is

When Blake learns that “Kendra” is a serious catfish, he still holds out a little bit of hope, though he feels very spooked. Blake, Nev, and Max travel to Idaho and agree to meet up with “Kendra” at a park. When she pulls up, she is much different than her photos. She’s a pretty girl, but much larger than the girls she portrayed online. Blake is clearly thrown off.

Kendra begins to tell Blake a bit about herself and then reveals that there is actually a group of girls who is doing what she did to Blake online. These girls actually have fun catfishing guys and Kendra reveals that Sara Grace was actually one of the girls. Blake says he thinks Kendra is still lying and doesn’t know Sara Grace at all. Kendra begins to cry and tries to turn things around, getting angry and leaving.

When they meet up with Kendra the next day, she admits to lying, but Kendra yells at Max who doesn’t fully believe her story. Max gets angry and he leaves the room. After their confrontation, Blake and Kendra argue outside and Kendra seems to regret coming clean. In the end, Blake hugs Kendra goodbye and finally says that she’s actually glad she came to meet Blake.

A month later, Blake reveals that he hasn’t talked to Kendra at all, but has been in touch with Sara Grace. Apparently Sara and Blake have become friends. Kendra says that she has no interest in talking to Blake at all and says she’s stopped with the fake profiles.