Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Are Married in New Movie: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Brangelina is back in a upcoming indie movie. We all know that their first collaboration ended up with the couple moving in together and becoming parents to six children.

Jolie gushed to Extra about her partner in the movie and in life:

He’s my family. He’s not just a lover and partner, which is wonderful, but he’s my family now… We have history and work hard to make it great. We don’t kind of relax about it and take each other for granted, so like everybody, we have our challenges, but we’re fighting to make it great.

Let’s look at what’s in store for their cinematic future.

1. They Will Star in ‘By the Sea’

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie

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In a press release, Jolie said, “I am very happy to continue my relationship with Donna and the entire Universal team as I finish Unbroken and begin work on By the Sea.”

In an interview with Extra, Jolie explained the film like so:

It’s not a big movie, it’s not an action movie. It’s the kind of movie we love but aren’t often cast in. It’s a very experimental, independent-type film where we get to be actors together and be really raw, open, try things.

2. This Is Their Second Movie Since ‘Mr. & Mrs Smith’

Mr. and Mrs. SmithBrad Pitt and Angelina Jolie smolder in one of the most anticipated, sizzling action films ever made. After five (or six) years of vanilla-wedded bliss, ordinary suburbanites John and Jane Smith (Pitt and Jolie) are stuck in a rut the size of the Grand Canyon…until the truth comes out! Unbeknownst to each other, they are…2013-02-28T00:17:55.000Z

The couple met on the set of Mr. and Mrs.Smith 10 years ago. Watch the trailer of the 2005 action film above.

3. The Kids Are Coming to the Set

The film is being made in Malta. Pitt is no stranger to the country, having filmed World War Z there.

Us Weekly reported, “The whole family will be staying in Malta for eight weeks, arriving at the end of August.”

Since Maddox, 12; Pax, 10; Zahara, 9; Shiloh, 8, and Knox and Vivienne, both 6, will be spending so much time there, maybe they will be needed as extras.

4. She Wrote & Directed

Angelina Jolie, Angelina Jolie Double Masectomy

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This marks the third time Jolie has sat in the director’s chair. Her previous projects were Unbroken and In the Land of Blood and Honey.

Together, Brad and Angie will be producing.

5. Universal Is Behind the Film

In the statement, Jolie continued that the moviemakers “have created a very special place for storytellers, and I look forward to the continued passion and support they have provided to me as a filmmaker.”

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