Brandi Mallory, ‘Extreme Weight Loss’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Brandi Elizabeth Mallory is this week’s participant on Extreme Weight Loss and she has come a long way in her transformation.

1. When Competing in Pageants, Brandi Was Told She Was “Too Heavy” to Compete

Brandi is a makeup artist who supposedly hides behind her cosmetics. She used to compete in beauty pageants, but her weight got in her way. When Brandi was a child, she fell in love with competing in beauty pageants and dancing, but by the time she was 12 years old, she weight about 250 pounds. Judges were very harsh about her weight and she quit pageants all together.

2. Brandi Is Hoping to Inspire Others With Her Transformation

When Brandi was chosen to participate in Extreme Weight Loss, she posted a message on Facebook in hopes of reaching out to others.

This is the beginning… A day that I will remember for the rest of my life. It was the day God along side Chris Powell and my own ability to WORK, decided to chose me for the transformation of a lifetime and together we pressed: RESET!

There was a time when, I was completely ashamed of the person standing on that scale almost 6 months ago…I’ve come so far and feel so great, that I hope to inspire those I’m connected with, to do the same. Your transformation could be totally different from mine, but whatever it may be its never too late to start.

I love you! -B

3. Nina Davuluri Drops In to Help Brandi On Her Journey

On tonight’s episode of Extreme Weight Loss, Nina Davuluri shows up to give Brandi some inspiration. For more information on Davuluri, check out the below links:

Thad Beaty from Sugarland also appears on tonight’s episode with Brandi.

4. Brandi Becomes an Ironman

As part of Brandi’s journey, she takes on the Ironman marathon run in Auckland, New Zealand. The Ironman Marathon is “iconic on the New Zealand running calendar and fast gaining an international reputation. New Zealand’s Premier Road Race is made up of five events: Full Marathon, Half Marathon, Quarter Marathon, Heart Foundation 5km Challenge & KIDS MARATHON … Take in the spectacular views which Auckland has to offer while running across the iconic Auckland Harbour Bridge in the Marathon and Half Marathon and Quarter Marathon events – an experience within itself.”

Upon finishing the marathon, Brandi posted the below photo with this message on her Facebook page:

Good Morning! I hope that as you travel to church this morning and you listen to the word, you truly BELIEVE what you hear. I have known that The Lord is my Savior since I was a Senior in highschool. That is the moment it all became clear. Moments like yesterday (Sunday here in New Zealand), he was with me every step of the way! I remember just six short months ago, when Donielle Montoya, took the cast on a 1 mile run through the campus. I struggled the entire way! Here I am six months later an IRONMAN! I didn’t just run a mile. I swam 1.2, biked 56 and ran 13.1 that is a total of 70.3! That is the power of God! That is living to your fullest potential even when you have no clue how full your potential really is!

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5. Rocco Dispirito Gives Brandi Some Cooking Lessons

Celebrity chef Rocco Dispirito appears again on Extreme Weight Loss to teach Brandi how to make her favorite meals healthier. Brandi posted the above photo with this as a caption:

Learning how to eat what I like but maintain my calories!!!! Steak, mac n cheese never looked so good!!!!

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