Chris Pratt: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

chris pratt, guardians of the galaxy

Chris Pratt has played everything from a laid-back musician to a ripped baseball player.

In his newest movie, he played Star-Lord aka Peter Quill in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

Tonight, he hosts the 2014 season premiere of Saturday Night Live.

Here’s a look into his successful career and happy personal life.

1. He’s Amazed He Married Anna Faris

chris pratt anna faris


The couple met and fell in love on the set of Take Me Home Tonight and married in 2009.

At the film’s premiere, Pratt told On the Red Carpet, “So this is a pretty spectacular moment for us, to be able to come to this movie that we met on and fell in love making, so it’s kinda neat.”

Although years have passed and the pair have a son, Jack, Pratt still cannot believe he landed a woman like Faris.

He told GQ:

I married way out of my pay grade. I have no idea how that happened. She’s so goddamn funny and so good. She is a legit comedy powerhouse. But I’m not going to question it too much. I don’t know what it is, man. I guess chicks dig love handles or something.

This seems to be the topic of many conversations with the actor, because he also gushed to Interview magazine, “Anna—that’s where I’m truly pinching myself, because that’s not fiction. I’m like, “Oh my God, my wife is really cool, really hot, and really funny, oh my God.” What happened? I just want to know what terrible things happened in my previous life that give me the fortune to have this happen.”

The lovebirds have another movie coming out, Vacation Friends, where they play a hard-partying couple.

2. He Lost 50 Lbs for ‘Moneyball’

In the Oscar-nominated baseball movie, Pratt was real-life ballplayer Scott Hatteberg.

After the audition, his agent broke the news that he was too overweight for the athletic role.

“Then, when I left, my agent called me and said, ‘Chris, they really thought you were good, but they think you’re too fat.’ I was like, ‘F**k, really? That sucks. OK, well, I can lose weight,” he told Movieline.

What resulted is a complete transformation that took months, but worth all his effort.

He told Interview magazine, “I lost almost 50 pounds in four months, learned how to hit the ball left-handed, and just immersed myself in the world of baseball.”

Because of the success of the film, Pratt even attended his first Oscars. He told Interview,
“To go to the Oscars for Moneyball—that was pretty amazing.”

3. He Tried to Fight Bautista

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Dave Bautista, an ex WWE wrestler turned actor, got the coveted action role in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy partly because of chemistry read with Pratt.

In an interview in London, Marvel boss Kevin Feige said:

Chris was the reason why we cast Dave Bautista, because James was very smart and ended up doing these chemistry tests with Chris Pratt once we decided to hire him and, thankfully, he agreed to do it. And that was really what brought out Dave … Dave had done a number of good auditions by himself up to that point, but it was really when we put the two of them together that they both came to life even more.

Pratt was an amateur wrestler and after taking Ambien one night, propositioned Bautista to a fight.

When the cast visited Jimmy Kimmel, shown above, Bautista, who is the longest reigning WWE heavyweight champion, regaled the audience with the story.

4. His Character on ‘Parks & Rec’ Was Supposed to Be Temporary

VideoVideo related to chris pratt: 5 fast facts you need to know2014-07-22T13:31:24-04:00

As Andy on the comedy Parks and Recreation, Pratt has received much praise for his portrayal of the struggling musician.
Originally, he was only cast as a guest star in Season 1, but producers took such a liking to him, they made him a regular at the start of the following season.

He gave Interview magazine his take on the character:

Andy is one of those kind of guys where, throughout the course of his life, the bar has been set pretty low. If he makes five or ten bucks shining some guy’s shoes for a few minutes, he’s like, “That’s great! I did it!” You know? He doesn’t put a lot of pressure on himself, and there’s not a lot of pressure on him to succeed, other than being happy and playing his music.

Watch the video above to see Aubrey Plaza, who plays his girlfriend, April, on the show, describe Andy’s likability as well.

5. He Was Discovered as a Waiter at Bubba Gump Shrimp

Before he hit it big, his jobs included waiting tables at Bubba Gump in Hawaii, where he lived after high school. He also sold coupons door to door.

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