Dylan Sprayberry, ‘Teen Wolf’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Say hello to Teen Wolf newbie Dylan Sprayberry …

1. His Teen Wolf Debut Comes On His Birthday

Tonight is Dylan’s debut on Teen Wolf and coincidentally it happens to be his birthday in real life. Hollywood Reporter gives some background on Dylan’s character Liam:

Sprayberry will play Liam, a new freshman at Beacon Hills High School. He’ll have a heavy recurring role in the previously announced fourth season of the series. The character is further described as a cocky, handsome freshman with an enviable athletic prowess. He’s got perfect grades, perfect charm and is utterly unprepared to face the supernatural adversity of Beacon Hills.

Check out Dylan’s first entrance as a hot lacrosse star on Teen Wolf in the below video:

2. He’s Known for His Role in Man of Steel

In the Superman movie Man of Steel, Dylan played the young Clark Kent. Check him out in the above clip as he talks about the auditioning experience for the movie.

3. Sprayberry Has a Knack for Martial Arts

Dylan opened up to Crushable about his hobbies outside of the entertainment industry:

Dylan’s talents go beyond the acting world. He may not be a superhero, but he told us he has some creative skills such as performing various martial arts, writing in spoken word, and creating short films of his own in his spare time.

Dylan loves surfing and being at the beach as well.

4. Though He’s Young, He Has a Lot of Good Advice for Aspiring Actors

A year ago, Dylan had a live chat session via Crushable, giving advice to young people looking to become actors.

He told us that as an actor, one of the biggest lessons he’s learned is that “before you can play any other character, you have to know how to be you.”

In addition:

He also gave advice to a current film student saying that “the entertainment business is based off creativity, so keep an open mind to new ideas that might not seem normal.” To aspiring actors, Dylan said that the most important thing is committing to a character and that “the process used to develop that character must be very creative… otherwise, it gets very boring.”

5. Dylan Got Peer Pressured Into Getting Twitter

Before finding fame, Dylan was not a big social media guy and didn’t have Twitter until he got some heat from fans. MTV tells the story of how Dylan got Twitter:

My friend Devin Fox had an event and I went up on stage and the host was like, “Dylan doesn’t have a Twitter,” and I was like “Oh yeah, no. I don’t.” And everyone was like “Ahh no! You have to get a Twitter!” The whole crowd was like, “You got to get a Twitter.” So then I did. I have a Twitter now.



cindy gathoni

it’s really exciting 2 know more abt sth u lyk. n of course havin 2 be inspired by ur mentor. well although the dream is not exactly the 1 being referred to,the message always leads to the same dream. 2 be another person, u 1st have to know urself.

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