Frankie Grande, ‘Big Brother’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Frankie Grande is the brother of Ariana Grande and the family just suffered a terrible loss, the death of their grandfather. Read on for the facts on Frankie, his role on reality show Big Brother, and more.

1. Frankie Is In the Dark About His Grandpa’s Death

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Currently, Frankie is one of the contestants on reality show Big Brother and he’s isolated from the outside world. The cast-mates are not allowed to have access to their cell phones of the internet, so Frankie has no idea that his sweet grandfather has passed away. The family has a choice to pull Frankie out of isolation, but, according to sister Ariana, it was their grandfather’s decision to not alert Frankie and to let him finish the show.

UPDATE: Frankie was passed a note from his family by producers, revealing the sad news. You can watch Frankie’s heartbreaking moment in the below video.

2. Team America Has Chosen Frankie to Be Part of Their Alliance

Three contestants on Big Brother were chosen by viewers to be on a secret alliance called Team America. America votes on secret challenges for the three contestants to carry out in order to win prize money and the team is made up of Frankie, plus fellow contestants Donny Thompson and Derrick Levasseur. A contestant named Joey was actually number one on the list to be in the alliance, but was eliminated.

3. Frankie Is an Established YouTube Personality

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Frankie has over 230,000 subscribers on YouTube and enjoys posting tons of random and funny videos online. His goal is this:

Here to inspire those to step out of the background and step into the spotlight of their own lives.

Many of his videos feature his sister Ariana Grande, dressing in drag, and the holidays.

4. He Was on Broadway

Frankie James Grande – "Too Pretty" by Katie ThompsonHere is me singing an original song written and accompanied by Katie Thompson2009-12-18T05:55:26.000Z

Ariana Grande isn’t the only singer in the family. Frankie is also a performer and was even on broadway in the show “Mamma Mia.” Have a look at Frankie singing in the above video.

Frankie also has his own dance studio.

5. Ariana Grande Is Extremely Close With her Brother

Ariana Grande and Frankie Grande Cute Moments♥So this video is a compilation of only the start of the weirdness of Ariana and her brother:) comment if you want me to make more:) ENJOY COMMENT LIKE SUBSCRIBE NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED2013-09-11T20:38:16.000Z

Frankie and Ariana each always stress the value of family and how it’s number one in their hearts. Have a look at this adorable compilation video showing the two siblings at their most adorable and cute moments together.

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