Hit the Floor Season 2, Episode 10 Recap: Top 5 Spoilers

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After last week’s sexually charged episode, Steal could have gone many different directions. Luckily for us, all the sexual deviance, lies, and love continued Monday night. Sloane and Raquel managed to find out some important things about Oscar’s involvement in Olivia’s death as Ahsha and Derek dealt with their recent split.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Dersha Used To Be Gersha

Kendall tries to lure German into spilling details about Derek and Ahsha’s breakup. She bribes him with donuts– oh no, wait, “cronuts”– to try and find out what exactly happened between Derek and Ahsha.

Dersha used to be Gersha!? That’s interesting.

German refuses say anything at first. He claims he doesn’t want to talk to Kendall about his ex-girlfriend’s breakup, but the brunette is clearly alluring and he ends up agreeing to meet with her for a private interview. The two flirt in German’s high school basketball court later on in the episode, and seem to get along great. Then, after she admits this was all a hoax to find out more about German, the two share a steamy kiss.

Later on, they’re shown getting hot and heavy in bed. That is, until Kendall gets a text message from a private number asking to meet her in the arena in ten. She leaves a confused German in his bed as she heads out.

2. Chase Is Out of Prison

Sloane continues her hunt for information. She’s determined to figure out Oscar’s past, but while snooping around Olivia’s supposedly empty house, Chase appears in the doorway.

As we all know, Chase was supposed to be locked in prison, but it turns out they didn’t have enough to hold him and he was let go. He hasn’t publicized being out because he’s embarrassed and to a large extent is still running from someone… or hiding from what Oscar is holding over his head. He says that he isn’t a murderer- but Oscar definitely is.

Sloane says that if Chase can find any connection between Oscar and the medical examiner, she can take him down. He gives her the keys to his storage unit, where he thinks she may find some clues.

3. Zero and Jude Have a Talk

Zero and Jude fall onto a bed after “being” with one another, as Jude calls it. Zero admits that he’s been with guys and girls before, and Jude vocalizes his frustration with the fact that he feels like he’s getting sloppy seconds after Jelena.

Zero says he doesn’t do relationships– he’s able to have fun without making things deep.

Lionel then finds out that Jude has been seeing a guy, and frankly, she seems ecstatic about it.

4. The Medical Examiner Admits Things He Shouldn’t Have

Sloane snoops around Chase’s storage unit and finds evidence of Oscar gambling. She hurriedly calls Raquel to tell her that they’ve caught Oscar for something that can put him behind bars.

Meanwhile, Kyle flirts with the medical examiner, or ME, that Sloane and Raquel were trying to link to Oscar in the first place to get info out of him. She gets him drunk, and he admits that he covered up Mia’s murder and that he misses Olivia deeply. Turns out Olivia knew Oscar had the ME in his back pocket.

When the ME calls Oscar to thank him for sending the pretty blonde over, Oscar anxiously responds “Who?” and realizes Kyle played the guy.

5. Lionel’s Pregnant

Lionel stares at the divorce papers that she can’t seem to wrap her head around before picking up a pregnancy test that is positive. She seems happy about it, too.

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