Hit the Floor Season 2, Episode 7 Recap: Top 5 Spoilers

isolation hit the floor, hit the floor season 2 episode 7

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Monday night’s episode proved to extremely surprising and, at times, sad. Jelena hit some emotions we haven’t seen in her character before, and Ahsha really pulled out the claws.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Ahsha Nurses Pete’s Hangover

German finds Coach Davenport passed out on his couch and calls Ahsha in to help.

“I was with Raquel. Now I’m not. I’m in the middle of a divorce with no end in sight. I just want to talk to your mom,” says Pete.

And out it comes. Pete tells Ahsha about last week’s occurrences– that a naked photo was uploaded and she seems kind of, well, horrified. Ahsha comes home to talk to her mom about the whole ordeal, and Sloane is upset, but also admits that Pete is clearly getting back into his old pattern of drinking and missing practices.

Ahsha tries to convince her mom that it’s all Jelena’s fault and she can’t be held accountable for anything, but Sloane is too upset to really leave the house. So Jelena decides to take matters into her own hands.

6. Raquel Has a Secret About Olivia

Raquel says that Olivia had something on her. When Sloane asks what exactly it is that she knew, Raquel admits something shocking: she came into the US illegally– Raquel’s parents brought her there and she’s undocumented. She faked her social to get work and says she faces being deported if anything comes out. .

Just as Sloane is saying that she won’t tell anyone, Oscar’s son comes out and threatens them not to do anything to his father.

3. Jelena and Terrence Pretend to Be Married For a Sick Friend

Jelena and Terrence find out that their good friend Vance is suffering from a degenerative brain disease that is accompanied by severe memory loss. Vance forgets that the two ever broke up, so they decide to pretend to be dating whenever he’s around. Later in the episode when Vance comes over for drinks, he tells Jelena how happy he is that her and Terrence are married, and she improvises a story about her and Terrence’s perfect life together. Terrence is secretly standing behind her the entire time and hears everything.

Later, Vance– thinking that Terrence and Jelena live this perfect story-book life together– makes the two former lovebirds slow dance together in the apartment, and sparks fly. It gets awkward though and Terrence breaks away before anything can happen.

4. Ahsha Whips Out the Claws

She straight up tells Jelena that she’s coming for her. After what Jelena pulled with Sloane, Ahsha has no intentions of being nice to her.

Afterwards, Ahsha confronts Derek about his cocaine habits. He says he’s not going to continue using, and she believes him. He seems sincere, but who knows for sure?

5. Zero Gives Jelena an Ultimatum

Zero tries to convince Jelena that he can give her everything she ever wanted. He says he came to the Devils to take over, and tells her she’s the biggest trophy in LA– and he wants her for himself.

“Terrence will always find fault with you–always want you to be something else. I want you.”

He then grabs her, makes out with her, and it’s really quite sexy. He tells her they can run the city together and that he’s offering her “everything”, and finally gives her the ultimatum: it’s him or me, before walking away.

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