‘Hotel Hell’ Season 2 Premiere: Top 5 Spoilers

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Gordon Ramsay may have pulled the plug on Kitchen Nightmares, but he’s not done revamping hotels around the country. Ramsay will be returning Monday night for the second season of Hotel Hell, a series in which the Scottish TV personality travels the nation in search of struggling lodging facilities that he attempts to fix up. From the outside, the places he encounters look pristine and sleep-worthy, but on the inside, they’re a wreck– whether it’s due to being run my poorly fit managers or because theres too much dirt on the mattress to even fathom sleeping on them.

Here’s a compilation of the top spoilers we can expect from this season.

1. A Hotel Owner Won’t Stop Singing Cher

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Cali, who runs a hotel in Las Cruces, New Mexico, fancies herself a “songbird”, according to Zap2it. She constantly sings to her patrons, and Ramsay thinks this is what’s threatening the Meson De Mesilla’s business more than anything else.

In the season preview, we see our host holding in laughter as he watches Cali sing a Cher favorite “If I could Turn Back Time”. Hopefully it all worked out, though, because the hotel’s website has been featuring a premier party for their debut the show Monday night. The description reads:

As you may know Meson De Mesilla allowed celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey into our hotel and restaurant for the show “Hotel Hell” last year. We have now been notified that Meson will be featured on the premier episode on July 21st.

In honor of the occasion, we will be hosting an event the night of the Premier. Join us for viewing of the show on 3 large screen TV’s around our beautiful pool patio and upper deck.

And for those fans who can’t get enough of the show, hear what Ramsay has to say on his Hotel Hell blog right here. He’s even uploaded a list of the hotels he worked on last season, adding on whether they’re all open for business.

2. Cali Is On the Verge of Tears

In a very uncomfortable confrontation, Ramsay tells Cali that her singing is dooming her hotel business. It doesn’t seem like he has much of an option though, especially after hotel guests confront Cali and tell her that they can’t hold a conversation with people over dinner because they can’t hear one another over her voice. One guest says:

I would pay you $100 NOT to sing.

    Obviously, this isn’t easy for Cali to hear and she looks like she’s going to either scream or completely break down in tears. After a long silence, however, she nods her head agrees that he’s right.

Every time you’re singing, you’re not running the hotel.

In a preview of the season, TV Line reports Ramsay dealing with:

An Oregon inn run by hippies where all night partying kept guests from actually sleeping; a 90-year-old North West landmark hotel run by a millionaire struggling to come to terms with his alcohol addiction; and a New Mexico boutique hotel whose owner thinks she’s Cher — and makes Gordon wish he could turn back time.


3. Managers Will Party With Their Clientele


In what is bound to be an interesting episode, the managers run a hotel by partying with their guests– sometimes into the wee hours of the morning. The series preview reads:

There are the owners who puts the “frat” in fraternize and party with with their clientele, partying late into the night, boozing it up and occasionally even going shirtless.

As we know, Ramsay isn’t afraid to say what’s on his mind, so if it’s true that these managers are really partying with their guests, we can’t wait to hear what Ramsay will have to say.

4. Ramsay Will Face More Demanding and Difficult Owners Than Ever Before

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Ramsay admits he has his hands full this series, adding on that the owners of these hotels are more difficult and demanding than in the past. In one preview of this season, we see Ramsay shouting at three managers, calling them ‘dumber, dumber, and dumbest’ as another cries into her hands. If managers are truly more concerned with their voice and partying with their guests than their clients well-being, our host will have a lot to say about it. You can see a family that will be featured this season in the photo above.

5. The Hotels Are Bigger Than Ever Before

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In this season, Ramsay is dealing with a lot more pressure since the hotels are bigger than they were last season. Executive Producers Patricia Llewellyn and Ben Adler admit:

Gordon’s great on this show because he actually cares. It’s not a TV show for him, it’s actually real life.

For those of you looking to get away for the summer, Ramsay has uploaded a list of must-haves for lodging. You can check it out here.