Hy Dorfman, Andi Dorfman’s Dad: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

On tonight’s finale of The Bachelorette, the guys try to impress and show their intentions to Andi Dorfman’s father Hy. Let’s get to know Hy Dorfman so you can see what Nick Viall and Josh Murray are up against …

1. The Finale Leaves the Final Two Very Nervous When It Comes to Hy

Hy Dorfman, and the rest of Andi’s family, get to meet the final two contestants – Nick Viall and Josh Murray. Tonight’s finale shows Hy’s encounters with the two men in addition to his feelings on each one of them. Hy tells Andi that Josh is the kind of guy that Andi usually falls for but doesn’t get serious with … Have a look at a clip of Josh meeting the family above.

You can also watch Nick’s meeting with Hy in the below clip:

2. Hy Surprised Andi on the First Night of the Show

According to Reality Steve, Hy Dorfman actually had a big appearance on the premiere arrivals episode, but it wasn’t really shown on TV. Hy appeared in a limo, just like the other guys, but he apparently met with the contestants and grilled them a little as well. Reality Steve writes:

Andi’s dad showing up at the first night cocktail party to talk to the guys was a surprise to even her. She had no idea he was coming … Andi’s dad’s appearance at the cocktail party talking to the guys was never shown. Not the first time I tell you something about this season that didn’t make air, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Not sure if it was cut for time or what, but no idea why they showed her talking to her sister, but cut out Hy meeting the guys. Seems to me that would’ve been more interesting than girl talk about her journey and what dress she was gonna wear. But Hy was definitely there that night, it’s just not shown for some reason.

How many past Bachelorette dads wish they would have done what Hy did?

3. He’s a Big Aaron Murray Fan

Andi Dorfman and her dad had absolutely heard of Josh’s football star brother Aaron Murray before the show as Hy is a huge UGA fan. Perhaps this could soften Hy’s heart when it comes to Andi becoming a part of the Murray family.

4. Andi Dorfman Spends Weekly Dinners With Her Dad And Family

While Dorfman was away filming for The Bachelorette, dad Hy was missing his little girl at their weekly Sunday night dinners. They family also spends time together at the lake.

5. Hy Wasn’t a Big Juan Pablo Fan

When Andi Dorfman brought home former Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis, dad Hy was very protective and not the biggest fan of his. Hy basically gave Juan Pablo the third degree. Parade writes:

Fans of the show will recall how Dorfman’s father Hy grilled Juan Pablo to a crisp on Andi’s hometown date last season. Anyone holding out hope that he’ll be equally as tough on his daughter’s two remaining men will be thrilled to see how skeptical he is about Josh and Nick.

In the end, we know how things worked out for Juan Pablo Galavis … Dumped!