Jeff & Megan/Brandy, ‘Catfish’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jeff is tonight’s subject on the MTV hit show Catfish. Will his true love Megan be who she claims to be? Read on to find out all about the truth behind the online couple.

1. Jeff Is a Navy Sailor

Jeff is an active sailor in the Navy who’s stationed in Jacksonville, Florida and has been for over 7 years. Jeff’s issue is that he’s up to re-enlist in the military soon and doesn’t know what to do. Should he reenlist or move on and try to start a life with “Megan” in Texas?

Jeff is also being dispatched overseas and wants to know where he stands with Megan in their relationship. … At the end of it all, Megan, who is actually Brandy, stays in touch with Jeff though he does decide to re-enlist.

2. Megan “Accidentally” Friended Jeff on Facebook

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So, the first weird part of this love story is the initial meeting. Jeff says that Megan “accidentally” friended him on Facebook and the two of them have been speaking for over a year. Megan is a registered nurse, has blonde hair, and seems head over heels for Jeff. The two bonded over their dogs and eventually their conversations grew. Before he knew it, Jeff was in a relationship.

3. Megan Previously Stood Up Jeff

Jeff And Megan Catfish, Jeff Catfish Season 3, Megan Catfish Season 3, Catfish Dick Pics, MTV Catfish 2014, MTV Catfish Season 3

Jeff decided he wanted to meet Megan and went to Texas to meet her, but he was stood up by her. A good thing, however, is that Jeff may have “Megan’s” correct address because he sent her a Valentine’s day gift and she did receive it. That’s one thing Max and Nev have to go on … That and “Megan’s” phone number. After a little digging online, Nev and Max come across a profile for someone named Brandy, thinking Brandy could actually be the real Megan.

When Nev calls Brandy up on the phone, Brandy hangs up on him after telling him she doesn’t feel comfortable with meeting Jeff or talking about the situation.

4. Jeff Has Sent Megan Some “Richard Pics”

Jeff And Megan Catfish, Jeff Catfish Season 3, Megan Catfish Season 3, Catfish Dick Pics, MTV Catfish 2014, MTV Catfish Season 3

Max and Nev are sure to ask Jeff if he’s sent “Megan” any dick pics. When he bashfully says he has, they ask Jeff if his face is in the photos. Unfortunately, Jeff’s face is in the naked photos he’s sent her. “Megan” has never reciprocated.

5. The Tricky Part Is Bringing Brandy to Jeff

Because Jeff is active military, he cannot leave to venture after Megan. So, this will be a first for the Catfish show. Max and Nev will have to figure out how to bring Brandy to Jeff … In order to get the most success, Max ventures off on his own to find Brandy while Nev stays with Jeff.

When Max meets up with Brandy, it’s clear she is not the same person that Jeff thought he was talking to. She insists that everything was real except for her photos and the reason that she created the profile was that it was an escape after being in an abusive relationship. Max is able to persuade Brandy to travel with him to Florida to meet Jeff.

When Brandy meets Jeff, we find out she also lied about her age and her job. Brandy then opens up about her feelings for Jeff and tells him about the abusive relationship that she was previously involved in. After their first meeting, Jeff gives Brandy a hug. Their next meeting is actually Brandy’s birthday. She sits down with Nev and Max to delete her profile so that she can move forward with her life. When Brandy returns to Jeff’s apartment, Jeff greets her by telling her she looks pretty … Aw.

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Brandy is so Pretty and Brandy and Jeff are such a cute couple. To me it seems like they were meant to be. My favorite couple so far. Please tell us how they are now. I so hope they are together.

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