Kashia Zollicoffer Eliminated on ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ – Top 5 Revealed

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Tonight was a big night on Hell’s Kitchen. The Top 6 competed and tensions were high in the kitchen. Jason showed up hungover, Kashia had a bit of a breakdown, and Scott lashed out at Chef Ramsey. At the end, the chef who was nominated to go home by the other chefs was Kashia Zollicoffer for having her breakdown in the kitchen. However, Chef Ramsey thought Scott Commings should be on the chopping block. Even so, it was Kashia who was sent home.


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I’m glad she’s gone… That BS her and Joy pulled on roachelle just to keep kashia in was bull….. Kashia deserved to be there not roachelle…. But either way I’m glad both are gone now HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL


Im glad that bitch is gone, Theres no way was going to make top Chef… all she knows how to do is Cry all the time she should of been gone long time ago.

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