Keegan Allen: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Keegan Allen is your average 24-year-old, California native. Oh, apart from one thing– he has 1.25 million twitter followers and has stolen the hearts of half the tween girls in America. The Pretty Little Liars star, who plays Toby Cavanaugh on the show, landed his first acting gig at age thirteen and hasn’t stopped since.

Here’s everything you need to know about him.

1. His Lana Del Ray Cover Is Awesome

Keegan Allen covering Lana Del Rey's 'Born To Die'No copyright infringement intended.2013-03-03T21:38:10.000Z

For those of you who didn’t know, Keegan grew up around a very musical family and has a great voice. In March of this year, he played Temara Melek’s love interest in her music video for Karma’s Not Pretty.

He showcases many of his musical talents on Keek— a social media site that allows you to share short video clips.

2. He Used To Spend Time Behind the Camera

Keegan Allen, PLL Toby Cavanaugh


When he was younger, Keegan spent his time studying photography. He told

Having the ability to see through the camera and capture an image or capture a moment and translate it into video or film production is wonderful. I wanted to be a cinematographer and learned all about apertures, shutter speed and all that and it eventually led my to work in front of the camera.

When Keegan isn’t acting in a scene on the PLL set, he studies cinematography and lighting. The actor spoke to I Am Entertainment about his childhood:

I didn’t come into the business as an actor, I was more into editing and doing things behind the camera. While in high school and college I was really interested in video production and I wanted to know how the cameras and cinematography worked.

3. His Father Was an Actor

Keegan Allen father

(Instagram/Keegan Allen)

Keegan told that his father, Phillip R. Allen, was the driving factor in his decision to pursue acting. Keegan describes his childhood as being very Bohemian, with an expression painter for a mother and Broadway actor as a father.

A normal day for me was sitting at the piano or playing guitar while my parents were painting and listening to Bob Dylan and Neil Young.

Sadley, his dad passed away in March 2012. He was most famous for his role as Captain Esteban in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.

In 2009, Keegan graduated with a BFA from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in LA before landing the role of Toby.

Keegan told I Am Entertainment:

Thank God, I’m so grateful to have my parents because they never held me back from anything I
wanted to do. If I wanted to be house carpenter they would have supported me. They gave me advice because
this is a dangerous business. It’s basically human behavior science and you’re learning a lot about how human
beings are and taking those emotions and conveying stories to a public audience and to have them remove
themselves from their everyday lives in the form of entertainment.

Last summer, Keegan followed in his dad’s footsteps by making his off-Broadway debut in ‘Small Engine Repair’.

4. He Got In Bed With His Buddy James Franco

This sounds a tad weird without further explanation. On the set of Palo Alto, Allen visited Franco in his dressing room to ask him what the best way to take a selfie in bed was.  Franco made Allen hop in bed with him, saying “Let’s blow up twitter for a second.”

James took the liberty of adding the photo to his Instagram and Twitter accounts, captioning it “Bed selfie with Keegan Allen!!! Time to go nuts!!!!” The photo currently as 119,000 likes.

5. He Dated Chuck Grant

As of last summer, Keegan was rumored to be dating Chuck Grant, Lana Del Rey’s sister.

We don’t know if the two are still dating, but they haven’t been seen together since last summer.

You can check out Grant’s twitter here.

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