Melissa Karkowski, ‘Extreme Weight Loss’ – Best Facebook Photos

Melissa Karkowski has fought her way through Extreme Weight Loss. With the help of her sons Elijah and Cody and her boyfriend Kirk, Melissa has now turned her life around. For more information on Karkowski's story, click here. Check out Melissa's best Facebook pics from before and throughout her journey.




Melissa, you are truly an inspiration to me. I watched your show last night and could relate to you in so many ways. Congratulations on achieving your goals and finding happiness!

tiffiny mallory

Melissa i loved watching you on the show. I too have lost 185 pounds. I started out at 412. My dr says i am a good candidate for skin removal and breast reduction, just waiting on insurance approval. Could you please share with me what it was like after the surgery, how did you feel and how long did it take you to recover. Did you have any complications and any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and I am so happy for you and your sons.
Tiffiny Mallory