‘Mistresses’ Season 2 Episode 6 Recap: Top 5 Spoilers

On tonight’s episode of Mistresses, Savi has an epiphany that could change her relationship with Dom. Harry makes an announcement that will put his partnership with Joss in jeopardy.

April spends more time with her daughter’s friend’s parents and Karen meets a man she begins to like under one of her pseudonyms.

Find out how the ladies handled their current crises in the episode, “What Do You Really Want.”

1. Karen Falls for One of Her Flings

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Karen hooks up with a new guy Ben from the lounge. This time though, she hooks up with him a second time. He wants to take her out on a proper date, but he thinks her real name is Rebecca. Karen rips up his business card, but then regrets doing it.

April encourages her to go back to the lounge and find Ben. She waits at the bar, but he never shows. When she goes to get her car from the valet, she runs into her old friend Jacob.

2. Harry Is Moving Back Home to Australia

After an awkward run-in with his ex Savi’s boyfriend Dom, Harry is ready to leave his Los Angeles life behind him. He informs his business partner Joss that he’s going to move back home to Australia. While home for a family reunion, he bumped into an old friend that was selling his beach shack restaurant and offered it to Harry.

Joss does her best to try and convince Harry to stay. She shows him a scrapbook that Savi had put together of his accomplishments as a famous chef. When he sees Savi at the signing of their divorce papers, he thanks her for always believing in him.

Ultimately, Harry decides to chase his childhood dream of surfing in the morning and cooking through the night for the adoring crowds. Joss and all of us will miss you, Harry!

3. Savi Wants to Have a Baby

Savi has an epiphany while dining on pizza and beer with her new bud Zack. She wants to have a baby, like as soon as possible. When she tells Dom, he’s less than enthused about the whole thing. Savi wonders why since he was on board the last time she got pregnant, but that time it just happened and he had to okay with it.

His plan that he thought of the first time they worked a case included them moving into their own place, getting married, going on an extravagant trip they couldn’t do with kids, and then coming home to start a family.

Savi tells him later that she had other plans too before her accident, but plans have a way of changing. Dom thinks it over and gets on board. To celebrate, he goes to buy his girlfriend earrings for the occassion, but when he steps outside the jewelry store he makes a shocking discovery.

4. April Tries to Make Friends With Lucy’s Friend’s Parents
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(ABC/Richard Foreman)

April’s daughter Lucy comes home with a Gucci bag from that she got while at her friend Peyton’s house. Peyton’s mother Samantha was cleaning out her closet and gave the small purse to Lucy. April doesn’t think Lucy should have such an expensive bag and takes it back to Samantha.

Samantha understands and then invites Lucy and her boyfriend Daniel over for dinner. Daniel can’t make it (spending one more day “in Vermont”), so Samantha decides to make it a girls night. She tells her husband Steven, who April accidentally went on a date with, to go play poker. He comes home early though, and tries to come on to April again. April won’t have it and storms out of the house.

The next day Samantha stops by the shop and tells April that she and her husband have an open marriage. April is taken aback at her candidness, and Samantha’s hurt by the way April looks at her upon hearing the news. She takes her frustrations out by saying it’s April daughter Lucy’s who at their house five nights a week and not the other way around.

Lucy learns that Peyton isn’t the nice girl she thought she was. Peyton made April’s daughter write a mean poem about their classmate Patty (rhymes with “fatty”) and Lucy feels awful. April tells her that she doesn’t have to stop being friends with Patty, but she needs to learn how to pick the friends she wants for life. April does make Lucy go call Patty and apologize.

Samantha does a little apologizes of her own, bringing April flowers to say sorry for her outburst yesterday. She then admits she went over to check out artwork at Daniel’s loft and saw a mystery red-headed woman hovering around the artist like they were more than friends.

5. Savi Plans to Confess to Dom About Her Friendship with Zack

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(ABC/Richard Foreman)

Joss finally prods her older sister to come clean to boyfriend Dom about her crash buddy Zack. Savi never thought her friendship with Zack would last this long, but Joss says she needs to trust that Dom will think it’s okay.

Savi doesn’t have the chance to tell Dom properly about her new relationship. When he walks out of the jewelry store, after buying Savi earrings, he spots his girlfriend and Zack embracing in a hug. As Savi walks away, Zack pulls her back and the look on Dom’s face shows he does not like what he’s seeing.

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