‘Mistresses’ Season 2 Episode 7 Recap: Top 5 Spoilers

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On tonight’s episode of Mistresses, Savi introduces Dominic to Zack over lunch. Karen hosts Jacob for a home cooked meal and he admits his feelings for her.

Joss becomes jealous of Scott’s plastic surgery patients and April learns the truth about Daniel’s redheaded woman.

The ladies’ relationships are on the rocks, but who can weather the storm after tonight in “Why Do Fools Fall In Love?”

1. Savi Introduces Dominic to Zack

Dominic catches Savi in a lie about where she spent the previous night (not having dinner with April) because he saw her and Zack hugging in the street. She tries to explain, but Dom just wants her out of his office. Joss doesn’t want to hear about it either, as she warned her big sister to tell Dom about Zack sooner.

Savi goes back to Dom’s office later, to try and explain again. She tries to tell her boyfriend that Zack is just a friend, but Dom thinks this guy has ulterior motives (money, lawsuit, a relationship). Savi thought the same thing but after hanging out with him, she sees him as a guy who needed a friend who understood what he was going through after the accident. Dom thinks if Savi and Zack are going to be friends, then all of three of them should hang out. Like tomorrow. For lunch.

Dom suspicions of Zack are correct, when Savi’s friend doesn’t deny his growing attraction for Dom’s girlfriend at lunch the next day. That’s not what Dom wanted to hear and he storms out of the restaurant. The confession shocks Savi who didn’t know Zack wanted more from their relationship than just a friend. Oh Savi, how could you be so naive?

After comforting April over her latest man troubles, Savi returns home to her own when she finds Zack sitting on her front porch. Savi tells him again they don’t have relationship and she needs to take time to focus on the one she does have with Dom.

Savi invites Dom over to explain she broke off her friendship with Zack. That’s a good show of faith, but Dom needs more from his girlfriend. He needs to understand why she needed to seek out this other relationship to shares her secret when she had a caring boyfriend ready to listen. Until she can figure that out, Dom and Savi are officially on a break.

2. Karen Cooks Dinner for Jacob

Back outside the club where Karen went to find Ben, she runs into her former colleague Jacob. He asks her out to dinner, but she offers to cook the next night at her place. And voila, Karen finally has a date using her real identity.

The two make small talk about their new practices while Karen cooks. Jacob asks if she’s dating anyone to which she replies that she’s gone on a few dates (she’s leaves out the part where she makes up names and careers for herself on these dates). He says he’s been dating this young woman for a few weeks, but he doesn’t think it’s going to last long.

Later, he admits that he thought about stopping by her new place early, but was intimidated. He realized he still had feelings for her and then asks Karen if she believes in signs. He doesn’t usually, like her, but he thinks their meeting at the valet stand felt like a sign. He kisses her, but before they can take it any further he pulls away. He needs to figure out his other dating situation before he can jump into a relationship with Karen.

Karen doesn’t think Jacob will call back, but Joss tells her friend that because of their history, he will call her.

And he does, just as Karen is cleaning her apartment. She opens the door and Jacob tells her he broke up with his girlfriend. That’s enough for both of them to continue their kiss from the other night and move it into the bedroom. Post-coitus, Jacob says they’ll definitely be doing that again and Karen agrees they’ll be doing it a lot. Hold your horses Karen! She may double think that when Jacob goes to take a shower and she notices the girlfriend he broke up with is her new patient Anna.

3. Daniel Admits to April That He’s Married

April is taking the information Samantha shared with her about the redheaded woman at Daniel’s loft very seriously. She’s starting to doubt the man she’s falling in love with and questioning if his place in Vermont is even real. She doesn’t want to ruin her good thing, but good can it be when one person is lying?

That night she drops by Daniel’s loft unexpectedly, hoping to catch a peek at the redhead herself. Only Daniel is home. April is all ready to ask about Daniel extra affairs, but she chickens out last minute and ask if they can go to Vermont. He pauses, but then says he’ll book the flights right away.

Turns out, the house in Vermont has termites. Oh darn, guess Daniel will have to take April to Big Bear instead. She’s not having it and pushes him to tell the truth. First lie: He sold the place in Vermont a few years ago. Second lie: When confronted with the redheaded lady, Daniel admits that woman is his wife.

April needs to discuss this shocking news with her girls. Savi thinks it’s over, but her Joss tells April not to give up. Look at her big sister’s situation: Savi was married when she met Dom and now she’s divorced and with Dom (well for a little while longer).

Daniel wants to apologize one more time the next morning at April’s shop. What the two of them shared was real and he loved her, according to Daniel. He’s know she may never forgive and he says sorry one more time before April tells him to leave.

April won’t give up that easy on sexy-smoldering though, especially when she comes across their “sex painting.” She rushes over to his, half hoping he’s not there to give her a sign. He opens the door and April doesn’t want to speak, she just wants to be with him.

4. Joss Grows Jealous Over Scott’s Patients

Joss and Scott are on the verge of consummating their relationship when he receives a text message. Actually, it’s a photo message of a woman’s augmented breast post-surgery. The message kills the mood for Joss as she takes off the special shoes Scott picked out for her and goes to sleep.

Instead of paying for a therapist, Joss has her now former brother-in-law Harry to talk out her problems about Scott. She slept over at his house and they didn’t have sex, which Harry thinks is a big step for her. He also wants to know when boobs started freaking her out after her lesbian experience last year. Harry has heard enough though when Joss reveals Scott’s secret closet of shoes. Who will Joss turn to when Harry returns to Australia?

Joss has to deal with another one of Scott‘s patients, this time at the movie theater. Autumn is taking her new and improved breasts for their first night out, but she’s concerned one may be bigger than the other. Joss isn’t too thrilled when Autumn ask for an examination right in the middle of the theater, but Scott informs his patient to make an appointment where he can take a better look. Not a good idea to go touching another’s woman boobs in front of your girlfriend.

Joss’ jealousy boils over when Scott arrives home late the next night without calling her. If she’d give him a second to explain, she would learn sooner that he was doing a normal rhinoplasty surgery for a 22-year-old woman, who didn’t wake up from the anestesia. He spent the night calling the young woman’s parents and explaining why their daughter died during a routine plastic surgery operation.

Before Scott can come out of the bathroom, Joss ducks back over to speak with Harry. First off, he doesn’t thinking leaving without telling Scott was a good idea. He then calls her out for being jealous, which she denies but it’s pretty obvious.

Joss goes to the hospital to apologize to Scott. She admits that she handled it all really horribly. Truth is, he’s not always proud of what he does for a living. He likes to go to third-world countries and make a real difference. Joss says he does make people happy here as well. She finally confesses she was jealous and just when she thinks that Scott is going to break up with her, he asks her to move in with him instead. Joss says yes and they seal it with a kiss.

5. Harry Tells Savi He’s Moving to Australia

At the end of her bad day, Savi meets up with her officially ex-husband Harry. He wanted to tell her in person that he’s moving back to Australia, but if she ever needs him, she can always reach out. Savi’s stunned by the news and says she’s really made a mess of everything.

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