Nash Grier HIV/AIDS Video: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Vine celebrity Nash Grier posted the disgusting video to his 8.7 million followers over the weekend. He quickly deleted it and hasn’t made any further comments regarding its sick message. The 16-year-old plays a clip of an anti-HIV discrimination ad, when the commercial states “It’s not a gay thing,” it abruptly cuts to Grier who yells “YES IT IS! FAG.” Nash, along with his brother, Hayes, have become Vine celebrities with short clips showing their childish pranks.

Here’s what you need to know about this shocking video:

1. The HIV Video Was Saved by a Fellow Internet Celebrity

Just before the video was deleted is was saved and reposted by YouTube celebrity Tyler Oakley. The star has since tweeted out twice to his legions of followers. In the second tweet, Oakley wrote “Call me and people like me, ‘fag’ all you want, but spreading false information about deadly diseases is next level.”

2. Twitter Users Have Been Attacking Nash

It’s promoted an online backlash against Nash Grier:

3. His Only Response Has Been to Upload a Video About How to Deal With Haters

READING HATE COMMENTS | Nash & CamThanks for watching! Hope you enjoyed it! See you next week! Don't forget to Subscribe! Click below for more videos and our social media links! Click here to watch Cam's Video: Check out My website: Cam's Links My Links: Business Inquiries: nash@nashgrier.com2014-07-07T21:45:16.000Z

There’s been no official worth from Grier since the video went up and was deleted. The only post from the Vine star since the backlash began is an unfunny YouTube video detailing how one should deal with haters.

4. Nash Has Faced Hate Allegations Already This Year

WHAT GUYS LOOK FOR IN GIRLS Nash Grier Removed VideoNash Grier removed video.2014-01-05T12:56:29.000Z

Earlier this year, Grier faced accusations of misogyny. In a video posted in January 2014, Grier and friends created a video called “what guys look for in girls.” Throughout the video, he and his friends tell their millions upon millions of teenage girl followers what they like in girls. According to the fellas, a dream girl has to “get a personality,” “be spontaneous,” “don’t be too loud and obnoxious,” and “know how to be quiet.”

5. He Gains 100,000 Followers Each Year

Grier’s Vine account, that he shares with his brother Hayes, gains around 100,000 new followers per week, reports The Charlotte Observer. The brothers have fans in far flung places such as Australia and Saudi Arabia. At the times, the brothers have used the hashtag “#notaracist.” Their father, Chad, told the Observer about the videos, “Some are PG-13, but never R.”