Nathan Griffith, Jenelle Evans’ Boyfriend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Nathan Griffith is the love and baby daddy of Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans. Read on for the details on hunky Nathan.

1. He Has a Daughter From a Previous Relationship

Allison Stevens is the mother of Emery, Nathan’s young daughter, and she seems to get along well with Nathan’s girlfriend Jenelle. Allison talked about Jenelle and baby daddy Nathan to The Stir:

They are together and will be married in the near future and she will be in my little girls life and I too have found someone that I believe to be the one … so I believe it is only fair they are including our little girl in their lives … he is her father and I will not keep his little girl from him and his fam.

Below is a photo of Nathan’s baby mama Allison.

2. Nathan Has Had Three DUI’s

On Teen Mom 2, we see Nathan get a third DUI, which results in him having to serve 47 days of jail time. On tonight’s episode, pregnant Jenelle is having a rough time as Nathan prepares to go to jail. Fortunately for Nathan, he only had to serve 11 days of his sentence.

Wetpaint reports:

Nathan was arrested back in September of 2013 after allegedly having one too many drinks and racing home to get frisky with Jenelle. Apparently, he ended up being tasered after trying to run away from the police (good times!) and then “vomited in the rear seat” of a car.

Girlfriend Jenelle Evans paid $4,000 to bail out Nathan upon his arrest.

3. Jenelle and Nathan Recently Had a Baby Together

Jenelle and Nathan made several attempts at trying to have a baby and finally, little Kaiser is here. When Jenelle was pregnant, Nathan got cold feet and told Jenelle she should get an abortion, which caused a huge fight between the two of them. However, now Nathan seems completely in love with his son. Kaiser was born on June 29, 2014.

4. In April 2014 Nathan Was Arrested For Driving With a Suspended License

As if the DUI’s weren’t enough, Nathan was arrested again just a couple months ago. Hollywood Life reports:

On April 9, Jenelle’s boyfriend was arrested for a number of different offenses, including: resisting arrest, giving a false name & address, driving under suspension, and driving on the wrong side of the road. The Horry County Sheriff’s Office did not set a bail, so now Nathan will have to serve time until at least the end of May.

5. Nathan Often Fights With Jenelle’s Mother Barbara

While things have been calmer from what we’ve seen on the show, Jenelle’s mom Barbara and Nathan are often at odds. Barbara feels that Jenelle pays for too much with her own money, that Nathan needs to get a job, and that they each need to stop getting into legal trouble. She also wasn’t fond of the idea of the two of them starting a family so soon. Nathan has lashed out at Barbara in the past as well, blaming her for when Jenelle was addicted to drugs.

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