‘Pretty Little Liars’ 100th Episode: Favorite Series Twists

100th episode PLL

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In anticipation of Tuesday night’s 100th episode of Pretty Little Liars, we’ve pulled together the top twists and jaw-dropping moments of the series so far. Read on to find out what events have shocked the stars and producers.

— Lucy Hale told The Hollywood Reporter that she never expected Ezra to be “A.” She always found her love interest to be a little too perfect, and while she was surprised, admits that making him A made the character more interesting.

— Spencer being on the “A” team was also a huge jaw-dropper. Yes, it was just to help her friends, but it shocked us nonetheless!

— Trioan Bellisariou thought that revealing Toby as “A” was hugely important. She told the Hollywood Reporter,

Toby being “A” was a huge shift. That was a big twist. And even though I knew that they would probably reveal that he was working for the good guys, it was still pretty shocking.

Sasha Pieterse was also shocked to find out Toby was “A”- especially that he’d known since episode one.

My first shock was when it was revealed Toby was ‘A.’ It wasn’t surprising that they would do something like that, but that he [Keegan Allen] knew from episode one. I was in his first scene in his first episode and he already knew — he didn’t say a word to anyone until it was revealed. It was like, ‘Seriously? I thought we were close! I thought we were friends!’ And I loved the way they explained Alison’s disappearance. I was buried six-feet deep! I doubt I’ll be buried ever again.

— Hanna slapping Jenna in the girls’ bathroom was a huge biggie for the producers as well. Executive producer Joseph Dougherty said that he couldn’t believe she actually went as far as slapping the blind girl.

— Shay Mitchell told OK Magazine she was super shocked by her and Nate’s story line. She said:

It was very thrilling for me but I think I was just very shocked when I read it in the script to be like, ‘Okay, you’re taking Maya’s character who just died, Emily’s girlfriend, and making her cousin, but not cousin, now follow Emily…you guys are so twisted!’

— Brendan Robinson, who plays Lucas on the show, was shocked when Ezra was shot.

— Ian’s death from the season 1 finale was something no one saw coming. No one can forget the scene where he was choked by a rope, and then mysteriously reappeared in season, before being found dead once again.

— Troian Bellisario, told OK Magazine that she couldn’t get over the fact that Ali’s mom buried her.

— Mona killing Wilden is something that sent PLL fans into a frenzy.

As a bit of a spoiler alert, Ian Harding says there are two things that happen this season he can’t yet talk about, but that are definitely OMG moments.