‘Rizzoli & Isles’ Season 5 Episode 4 Recap: Top 5 Spoilers

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On tonight’s episode of Rizzoli & Isles, the detectives investigate a Doomsday survivalist who died alone in his sealed bunker. Jane finds a retirement packet on Korsak’s desk and Frankie is keeping a secret.

Find out if an end-of-days scenario led to the victim’s demise or something less apocalyptic in the episode “Doomsday.”

1. Survivalist Peter Baldwin Drowns in No Water

Victim Peter Baldwin didn’t plan to die when he went into his secret “bug out” room at 11 a.m. His friend Scott Hines tell Jane and Korsak that he ran test simulations to prepare for a viral airborne attack. Maura speculates that a lack of oxygen caused Peter to suffer a seizure. He should have had time to change the fuse or open the door, which means someone sabotaged his room. Maura finds the death suspicious but she won’t say it’s a murder yet.

Back in autopsy, Maura finds a high dosage of halon gas in Peter’s system. His death would have been like drowning but with no water. Maura and Frankie take lab tech Susie back to the house to find where gas could have seeped into the fall out shelter. The bunker’s builder Bob McGrath was sealed too tight for anything to get in. Susie’s equipment to find the gas leak fails for some unknown reason.

Peter’s bank records show he made regular withdraws of nearly $10 thousand. The withdraws coincide with calls made between Peter and man named Noah Forsythe. Noah tells Jane and Korsak that Peter was buying gold from him, because he thought paper money would be worthless if the world was coming to an end.

With a little help from his friend, Frankie breaks the encryption code on the security video taken from inside Peter’s bunker. He shows Jane the footage of Peter bringing in a lock box that they didn’t find at the crime scene. Peter wasn’t just killed, he was robbed too.

Jane and Korsak head back over to Peter’s to find another way into the bunker. Susie discovers the reason her equipment didn’t work was because of an electromagnetic interference. The detectives need to look for an electromagnetic hatch that looks like a battery or small generator inside the bunker.

The two cops enter the living room just before the bunker explodes.

2. Angela Wants to Know What Secrets Frankie Is Keeping

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Angela is worried about Frankie because he has declined her dinner requests and won’t answer her nightly phone calls. Jane thinks her mother is paranoid, but agrees to find out what her little brother is keeping secret.

When Jane gets Frankie alone, he admits that he’s been taking computer engineering classes. The department will never put him on the homicide squad as long as Jane stays on, so he wants to take over the computer and technology responsibilities that Det. Frost handled. He didn’t want their mother to find out or else she would make him her own personal genius bar. Jane will keep his secret by confirming his mother’s suspicions that Frankie has a girlfriend. But in Jane’s story, he’s dating a stripper.

3. Jane Finds a Retirement Planning Package on Korsak’s Desk

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Jane spots a retirement benefit package folder on Korsak’s desk. She tells Maura what she found, and that she’s not ready to part with Korsak so soon after losing Frost. Her M.E. pal tells her that she needs to talk to Korsak for answers.

When Jane does ask him, he gets defensive. Korsak thinks Jane’s being selfish about his retirement. She thinks he’s betraying her trust by keeping it a secret. The two detectives both apologize after they’re nearly killed in the bunker explosion.

Korsak’s life coach suggested he look into retirement. He doesn’t want to work too long and not have time after the job to enjoy the rest of his life. But he’s also thinking about taking the lieutenant’s exam.

4. Bunker Building Is a Front for Stealing Valuables

rizzoli & isles, angie harmon, jordan bridges, doomsday


Under the bunker, the detectives discover the bunker builder Bob McGrath dead in the hole. The bomb squad thinks Bob tried to place a C-4 bomb under the house equipped with a time-delay device that failed.

Frankie discovers the missing lockbox full of Peter’s gold. Bob targeted his clients so he could steal their valuables from their fall-out shelters. Maura discovers Bob was killed with a blunt object to the head before the bomb went off. The detectives decide to investigate robberies reported by Bob’s other clients to find Bob’s partner and killer.

One woman made a report about diamonds stolen from her husband Louis’ bunker. Louis was stockpiling diamonds at the referral of Peter’s friend Hines, the man who called in Peter’s death.

The detectives search Hines’ home and find bomb making materials. Maura takes a dirt sample from Hines’ home and tracks it to land found in western Massachusetts, the perfect place to build a fall out shelter.

The grounds show no signs of a building, and Jane realizes it must be underground. They approach a tree stump that looks a little too perfect and find a pipe hidden underneath it. The S.W.A.T. team drops a smoke bomb down the pipe to flush out Hines. “Welcome to doomsday buddy,” Jane says when Scott pops out of his hole.

5. Maura Wants Jane to Start Planning for the Baby’s Future

The case has Maura thinking about planning for their own unforeseen events. She takes Jane to look at a motorcycle complete with a side car that will maneuver well through crowded streets in case of an emergency.

Maura ends up buying the motorcycle for her friend. The two discuss what they would need to survive an apocalyptic event. Maura chooses a manicure kit, her memory phone pillow and a humidifier. Jane would stockpile lots of jerky.

In case something did happen to Jane, she wants Maura to raise her baby. Her friend agrees. Jane starts to enjoy the motorcycle’s side car, but perhaps a little too much. Her rocking cause the side car collapse under her.