Shailene Woodley & Ellen Page: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Shailene Woodley and Ellen Page are friends, but now the media is speculating that there may be a romantic side to their relationship.

Let’s look at the actresses’ friendship.

1. Rumors Started That They’re Dating

ellen page shailene


OK Magazine wrote a piece titled, “Are Shailene Woodley and Ellen Page Dating?” on July 2.

The evidence the glossy presented was that a source said, “Ellen really leaned on Shailene through the coming out process.”

In addition, it was noted that the girls had lunch together.

Crushable called the claims ridiculous, since they were only photographed lunching.

We have breaking news from OK Magazine today, who has found proof that Ellen Page and Shailene Woodley are involved in a steamy lesbian relationship. Oh I’m sorry, did I say ‘proof’? What they actually found is a photo of the two women standing next to each other, but close enough, right?

No I’m serious, that’s actually all they have to go on

2. Shai Hinted She’s Bisexual

Shailene Woodley and Theo James dating, Shailene Woodley and Theo James kissing, are Shailene Woodley and Theo James dating


“I fall in love with human beings based on who they are. Not based on what they do or what sex they are,” she told the Hollywood Reporter.

When her blockbuster film Divergent hit theaters, there was speculation she was dating her costar Theo James. However, just because they had undeniable chemistry in the YA film, didn’t mean they were a real life couple.

In fact, James has a longtime girlfriend, Irish actress Ruth Kearney.

3. Ellen Came Out This Year

In the video above, taken at the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Time to Thrive conference in Vegas, Page revealed her sexuality.

She said:

I’m here today because I am gay. And because… maybe I can make a difference. To help others have an easier and more hopeful time. Regardless, for me, I feel a personal obligation and a social responsibility.

Three months later, Page was spotted in Manhattan, wrapping her arms around an unnamed blonde woman.

4. They Were Photographed in West Hollywood

They were dressed casually leaving the urban lodge, Palihouse, back in March.

X17 got exclusive photos of them walking out.

5. Fans React on Twitter

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