‘Snack-Off’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Tonight is the new cooking competition show titled Snack-Off on MTV, featuring crazy dishes geared towards those with the munchies. Check out all the show clips and facts on the new series.

1. The Show Was Conceived by MTV’s Rob Dyrdek

Fantasy Factory’s Rob Dyrdek came up with Snack-Off and tonight, his project will be realized. MTV writes:

Conceived by resident MTV jokester Rob Dyrdek, the network’s new cooking competition series, Snack-Off, will feature munchie aficionados facing off to determine who can whip up the most memorable dish using random kitchen ingredients like fish sticks, canned oysters, chocolate and much more.

2. It’s a Star-Studded Judges Panel

Supermodel and foodie Chrissy Teigen, Chef Jason Quinn and stand-up comedian Yassir Lester make up the show’s judging panel. Judge Lester tells Zap2it:

It’s one of those things that I think will really change the American landscape in terms of how we eat, how we perceive food, how we look at food moving forward and decide that, hey, just because you’re eating sugar, fat, salt and everything in the middle doesn’t mean that it can’t look presentable, you know? I say this as I’m eating a pile of almonds, exactly the opposite.

So, how did the show go about picking its judges? Lester reveals:

When I came in to audition, they made me eat like a peanut butter, licorice and bologna sandwich and I didn’t immediately die. So they gave me the job.

3. Chef Eddie Huang Is the Host

Chef Eddie Huang hosts the show and calls the competition a show for “dumpster divers and fridge forgers.” Huang will mentor the cheftestants throughout a series of snack-inspired challenges, but the panel of judges will make the final decisions.

4. The Cheftestants Are Competing for Multiple Prizes

So, what’s up for grabs on this competition show? There’s a cash prize for the winner, their recipe published in the “Snack-Off” cookbook and a golden spork necklace. Plus, the winner will have the esteemed privilege of getting the title “Master of Munchies.”

5. There Are Some Really Horrible Dishes

While some of the cheftestants have very successful dishes, others fail miserably and the judges have to taste it all. One dish that judge Lester remembers as exceptionally awful was canned oysters with a maraschino cherry on top of garlic toast. Yuck.

Nonetheless, there were some dishes that you would think would be terrible and they turned out fantastic. Judge Lester tells Zap2it:

There was this other person who made these chicken croquettes with old fried chicken and tater tots and put them in a blender and made patties and deep fried them. I was just like, ‘Oh my god! Where were you three years ago? I needed you!’ Someone made these amazing burgers with marshmallow toppings, stuff that you wouldn’t think would go together but it was just so good.

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