Tanya Ma, Ben Stein ‘Mistress’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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On July 2, 2014, news spread that Ben Stein had a “secret girlfriend,” but her name had not been released. We finally have a name to put to the story – Tanya Ma. Read on for the new facts on what Ma says really happened as well as Stein’s side of the story. And, for the original report, check out the below link:

1. Tanya Ma Is Pregnant

Tanya Ma is a 24-year-old performance artist who is pregnant by a former lover. She has come out to Page Six to talk about her connection to Ben Stein, his alleged sexual advances and “the truth.” Ben Stein has also spoken with Page Six about the pregnant woman and has his own version of events:

Here’s the real story: Ben Stein has never had any criminal charge or any ethical blemish in his life, she tells him a sob story, he helps her out to the amount of thousands, she said she’s going to have a baby and the father of the baby wasn’t going to help her out.

2. She Used to Be an Escort

Ben Stein previously wrote about Tanya in an online column, calling her Lucia and a former call girl. Ma admits she used to be an escort in Chicago, but initially thought Stein was interested in her as a fledging author.

He said he’d read my blog, and I gave him my contact information. We texted for about four months, then he asked me to send him pictures. He said he was very captivated and he just wanted to remember me. After a while, he started asking for more racy photos.

3. Tanya Wants to Protect Other Women From Ben Stein

Ma says she reached out to Page Six because she wants to protect other women and doesn’t want Stein to “continue to do this to women.” She tells the news source:

It’s much more than sexting, cyber-escorting or being a sugar daddy — it’s unhealthy and toxic behavior that needs to be exposed.

4. Stein Wanted Tanya to Send Him Sexy Photos and Let Him Touch Her

Tanya and Stein carried on a texting relationship for a little while, but Tanya said it became “weird.” Stein reportedly wanted to meet with her and then began texting her that he wanted to touch her and kiss her, knowing that she’s pregnant. One of the texts from Stein read:

When you get here i want to hug and kiss you. I understand you don’t want to fuck me. But i want to touch you and kiss you.

Ma replied to Stein’s texts with:

Ben, you may hug me and feel my baby bump, but anything more is too much for me. I’m not your girlfriend. Can’t we simply enjoy a conversation and meal? I’m pregnant.

Ma said Stein was pretty persistent and that his wife “knew everything.” To read more of the text messages, click here.

5. Ben Stein Says He Only Met Tanya For Five Minutes at the Airport

Tanya Ma may have reached out to Page Six, but Stein has also reached out to tell his side of the story. Stein told Page Six:

She is a person I have only met for less than five minutes at an airport. I have never touched her, I have never had any sexual contact with her. I should get a medal for helping this woman. This is a person who appealed to me for money. She said she would send me some examples of her performance art. Some of those examples were racy, and some were not. I just don’t get what I have done wrong. She is mad at me because she wanted more money.