Tanz Watson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

In what some are saying is a move aimed at Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez was getting flirty with a new man.

On July 9, she was spotted with Tanz Watson at New York City hotspot TAO.

Watson posted the picture above to Twitter, and now there’s speculation that they’re a new couple.

Here’s what you need to know about him.

1. He’s a Model

He’s signed with Red Model Management, and this is his portfolio.

One campaign he worked for is Rockawear’s Summer 2014 collection.

You can see the promo he did for Gap’s 2013 Denim campaign here.

His imdb page shows that he also dabbles in acting.

2. He Costarred with Miley

Watch the trailer above to see Miley Cyrus and Watson in action in the 2012 film LOL. Cyrus’ character is dumped by her boyfriend, and sets her eyes on his best friend, played by Watson.

In the movie, he worked with Demi Moore and Ashley Greene as well.

When he was asked about working with these three leading ladies, he said,

It’s like living a dream, in real life. 3 of the biggest female actresses in the world who are also 3 of the nicest/coolest girls you will ever meet. Got 3 great new friends and couldn’t be happier.

In the film, he also befriended Douglas Booth:

3. Amanda Bynes Follows Him

tanz watson, amanda bynes


Bynes only follows six people on Twitter, and Watson gets the honor of being one of them.

In June of 2013, she even mentioned his good looks in a tweet about Liam Hemsworth:

Liam Helmsworth is the most gorgeous man on the face of the earth other than Tanz Watson. FYi!

4. He Grew Up in NY

The New York native has pride for his city. In fact, his Twitter, Instagram and Vine, all illustrate that he spends a lot of time there.

5. He Goes to the Gym 3x a Day

Just Jared interviewed his LOL costar Ashley Hinshaw, and she dished on his workout habits:

Tanz is this ripped dude and he goes gym three times a day. A little over the necessity level but we’ve been working out together, so I’ve gotten to know him well. He’s very talented I think that he’s got a big career ahead of him.

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