‘The Quest’ of Everealm: Contestants, Cast, & Paladins

Tonight is the premiere of The Quest at 8:00 p.m. EST on ABC. It’s a reality competition show that’s not quite set in reality. The show follows 12 contestants who they can “paladins” as they each train to become a hero who will save the magical world called “Everealm.” The Huffington Post writes:

The goal of the show is to find the one true hero who can save the kingdom of Everealm through a series of competitions and “quests” … And if you love fantasy books, films, and video games, rest assured, Everealm will not disappoint. There are dragons, ogres, castles, and myriad mythical creatures waiting to be discovered lurking in the shadows. With the goal of making The Quest as authentic as possible, the cast trained with swords and horses, learned archery, and acquired various other skills to prepare them to be the last paladin standing.

One of the producers, Rob Eric stated:

Everything you yourself have ever dreamed of in a fairytale, we wanted it to be in this world. We wanted it to be as realistic as possible and we worked really hard to layer a world around them that looked real, that smelled real, that felt real, all so we could truly immerse them into this world.

So, who are the 12 paladins who are ready for the journey of their lives?

– Adrian Kyne is a mother who likes video games.
– Andrew Frazer grew up watching Dragonball Z.
– Ashley Guerrero is not only beautiful, she’s actually an archer, boxer, and a trick rider. One of her favorite films is The Neverending Story.
– Bonnie Gordon traveled with Gypsies for two months after evacuating her home during Hurricane Katrina.
– Christian Socher is going to make all the ladies droll. He’s a sexy, New Yorker who’s a Tolkien fan and is a swordfighter at Renaissance fairs.
– Jasmine Kyle met her significant other at a Renaissance fair and she writes fan fiction for Lord of The Rings. This is perfect since the executive producer of The Quest was a producer for Lord of The Rings.
– Jim Curry’s dad is a park ranger, so he’s an outdoors kind of guy … or at least he was until he discovered Harry Potter. He currently is a member of the Hogwarts Virtual Choir and plays Quidditch.
– Katie Smaluk is a bleach-blonde who is a pool and card shark. She also invented her own language with her twin sister.
– Leticia Reyes has a green belt in judo.
– Lina Carollo who grew up beating her brothers in video games like “Street Fighter.”
– Patrick Higgins is a teacher who is also a Star Wars fanatic and actually had a Star Wars themed wedding.
– Shondo Blades is an MMA fighter who loves the Ghostbusters.

As far as the cast, there’s Queen Ralia (played by Susanne Gschwendtner), the guide Crio (played by Jan Hutter), and the “shady” Grand Vizier (played by Marcello de Nardo.)

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