WATCH: ‘The Recruit’ Trials Sneak Peek

'The Recruit' Sneak Peek – TrialsTake a sneak peek at the upcoming reality competition series 'The Recruit.' Twelve amateur football players compete for a guaranteed AFL contract.2014-06-30T20:28:38Z

In a new sneak peek from Fox8’s The Recruit, the 12 athletes competing for a guaranteed AFL contract run through a number of drills to prove their worth for the league. The coaches are in search for someone who could play tomorrow.

Each week the players will perform in individual and team challenges on and off the field. They will be tested physically and mentally to discover who deserves the coveted spot.

Watch the sneak peek video above and tune in on Wednesday, July 16, at 7:30 p.m. for all the action.

The Recruit

(The Recruit/Fox8)

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