‘Tyrant’ Season 1 Episode 2 Recap: Top 5 Spoilers

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On tonight’s episode of Tyrant, Bassam Al-Fayeed and his family returns to the palace after his brother Jamal goes into surgery after being stabbed. While the new president is out of commission, Bassam’s uncle General Tariq Al-Fayeed takes command and Bassam has to decide how much he wants to get involved in his family’s “business.”

Find out if Bassam will stay in Abuddin after his father Khalid’s funeral in “State of Emergency.”

1. Bassam and His Family Return to the Palace

Bassam still isn’t happy he had to come home after he tried to flee his home country again. Realizing he can’t change the circumstances for the moment, he apologizes to his son Sammy for slapping him. The Al-Fayeed family advisor Yussuf informs Bassam that the attempt on Jamal’s life was intentional.

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With Jamal in surgery, Bassam’s uncle General Tariq Al-Fayeed takes over temporary power. But if Tariq trid to take full control and implement martial law, it could cause a push back from the United Nations and/or Amnesty International.

After his family gets settled, Bassam returns to the hospital to speak with Jamal’s wife Leila, who used to be his girlfriend before he fled to America. She tells Bassam that her husband asked for him before going into surgery and she didn’t tell him that his brother had tried to flee the country again.

2. Terrorist Ihab Takes Advantage of His Country’s Power Shift

Samira, the daughter of Bassam’s friend Fauzi, appears nervous as she goes through a military checkpoint. She has the terrorist Ihab, who last week threatened to blow up Ahmed Al-Fayeed’s wedding, tucked away in the backseat of her car. He’s moving a shipment of weapons to his uncle Walid Rashid’s home. Walid isn’t too thrilled about his nephew’s plans, but Ihab quickly show his uncle he’s in charge.

Ihab has a group of young recruits ambushing a government car carrying the wife of Ahmed, Nusrat. All but three of the child terrorists chicken out when they hear sirens coming. The remaining pull Nusrat into an abandoned building and Tariq gathers military forces to get her out, or at least take out the young kidnappers.

3. Bassam Chooses to Get Involved

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(Vered Adir/FX)

John Tucker of the American Embassy informs Bassam on the latest developments with Nusrat’s kidnapping. He says Tariq will not hesitate to kill the child hostage takers and even Nusrat. It will give him the coverage to institute martial law and crack down on Ihab and his followers. Tucker encourages Bassam to speak with uncle to avoid such action, because he will listen to an Al-Fayeed. Bassam’s not ready to take that kind of responsibility.

He tells his mother the same thing, but she wants him to face the problems of his home country head on and to stop running away. Bassam finally decides to do something and heads down to the place where Nusrat is being held.

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Bassam tries to appeal to Tariq to not go so hard on the young hostage takers. But terrorists are like gymnasts, Tariq tells him, they start young. is in control of the situation and doesn’t want Bassam’s involvement. He disregards his uncle’s wishes and walks over to the store where the boys have Nusrat at gunpoint. He tells the boys Tariq plans to kill them and only he, an Al-Fayeed, can help them get out of this situation alive. They believe him and release Nusrat.

When they exit the store, they have their hands raised and the soldiers zip tie them behind their backs. Bassam asks Tariq to shows the boys mercy, but his uncle has already made up his mind. His soldier put a bullet in the back of each of their heads.

4. Jamal Gives Moving Eulogy for Father

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Jamal survives surgery, but the doctor informs the new Mr. President that he’s lost the use of his penis and she’s not sure he’ll regain full function. Leila asks for a moment alone with her husband and tells him she’s angry. The same day as their son’s wedding, they lost his father, who she loved and respected, and he lost his manhood because of his recklessness. Jamal doesn’t seem to care, wrapped up only in the fact that the doctor addressed him as Mr. President.

Outside, Leila speaks with the doctor and tells her that Jamal needs to be able to stand at his father’s funeral the next day. The doctor doesn’t think that’s possible, but then Leila uses a tactic from Jamal’s book and gives a veiled threat to the doctor about the safety of her son.

The next day Jamal arrives at his father’s funeral using a cane, but doesn’t take the painkillers so he can remain lucid during his eulogy. However, he isn’t happy with the eulogy written by Leila and asks Bassam to take a look at it. His younger brother tells him he doesn’t need to use that speech, but instead speak the truth about their father.

Jamal starts with saying that his father was a hard, stubborn and demanding man but that’s what made him a great leader of his country and his family.

5. Bassam Agrees to Stay In Abuddin

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(Vered Adir/FX)

After the funeral, Bassam has a change of heart about running away and going back to America again. He understands the responsibility he has to his family and to the country and he can’t leave now. He calls Jamal to tell him the good news.

tyrant, fx, adam rayner

(Vered Adir/FX)

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