‘Tyrant’ Season 1 Episode 3 Recap: Top 5 Spoilers

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On tonight’s episode of Tyrant, Bassam gets a front row seat to how the country of Abuddin really runs. Jamal appoints him as special counsel to the president and instructs General Tariq to track down the man who organized the assassination attempt on him.

Here’s what you need to know about the episode, “My Brother’s Keeper.”

1. Leila Returns to Her Husband Jamal’s Bed

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(Matthias Clamer/FX)

Jamal wakes up to hear the water running in his bathroom. He finds his wife Leila showering and this is a surprise because she hasn’t been sleeping with him for quite some time. Leila didn’t want him to spend his first night out of the hospital alone.

Now that Jamal is president, she thinks they need to start acting like a couple again. She wants him to have a successful president because he wants that too. “What an amazing morning,” he exclaims with his wife putting aside their past differences and getting his brother to hang around a while longer to help with the presidential transition.

2. Bassam Joins Jamal’s Presidential Council

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(Vered Adir/FX)

Bassam informs his family that he’s going to remain in Abuddin for a few more weeks, but they should return home to California. Molly doesn’t like the idea, but he doesn’t see the sense in her staying when she has her own medical practice to get back to in Pasadena.

He attends Jamal’s first presidential council meeting also attended by the family’s longtime advisor Yusef and their uncle General Tariq. Yussef hands a petitions to Jamal given to him by Walid asking for an end to the roadblocks and curfews with the upcoming pilgrimage to the city’s capital.

Jamal and General Tariq they won’t end those domestic policies until Walid gives up his nephew Ihab whereabouts. Yussef says Walid doesn’t know, but the president and general aren’t convinced.

Tariq produces a witness who will testify that Ihab was behind the assassination of Jamal. It is Habib Mahfouz, the husband of the woman who stabbed Jamal with the syringe. He claims Ihab gave him the syringe filled with ricin and threatened to kill his family if Habib’s wife didn’t try to kill Jamal with it. He also claims his wife loved Jamal.

The general also informs the council that they have jailed 38 of Ihab’s followers and are interrogating them for information on their leader. “Welcome home,” Yussef tells Bassam.

3. Samira Nadal Helping Ihab With His Plan

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(Matthias Clamer/FX)

Fauzi’s daughter Samira tells her father she’s going to babysit, but she’s really sneaking out to go see Ihab. She tells him that the government has shut off the Internet and added more road blocks. He tells her he had nothing to do with the presidential assassination even though the government is looking to arrest him. She has nothing to worry about because they’re in the middle of nowhere and only his uncle knows.

Samira isn’t just there to warn Ihab of the rising danger. She takes off her head cover and tries to snuggle up to him. He says she’s offending Allah and he’s offending her, so she leaves.

Walid can’t keep his nephew’s whereabouts a secret any longer and Yussef takes him to watch the raid on his place where the military will apprehend Ihab and friends. Samira is also taken into custody during the raid.

Later General Tariq informs Jamal, the entire council and U.S. diplomat Tucker about the arrest. They have planned for a public hanging the next day at noon for Ihab. Bassam asks if they should have a trial first, but Tariq says a hanging is more effective at striking fear into others who may try the same thing.

4. Bassam Tracks Down the Man Really Responsible for Jamal’s Accident

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(Vered Adir/FX)

Fauzi calls Bassam to tell his old friend that Ihab was not behind the assassination attempt but he knows the real culprit. He won’t give Bassam the name until he helps free his daughter Samira from prison.

Bassam holds up his end of the deal, and retrieves Fauzi’s daughter. Fauzi tells him that Habib Mahfouz planned the whole thing, and that he should read the real crime scene report that shows ricin wasn’t in the syringe.

Bassam goes to confront Habib in his prison cell. He tells him he is Jamal’s brother and special counsel to the president. Habib again tries to say he received the syringe from Ihab to give to his wife who would kill Jamal, but Bassam knows that’s a lie. He asks what General Tariq promised Habib if he gave up Ihab’s name. He was told he’d spend a few months in jail but then later be released. Bassam tells him that would never happen either way.

Bassam then tells Habib that the syringe was really found filled with bathroom cleaner. If Ihab had really planned the assassination, he wouldn’t have wasted the opportunity with a poison that wouldn’t prove absolutely fatal.

Habib finally breaks down and tells Bassam the terrible things Jamal, the devil, did to his family. Bassam’s brother would come to his house whenever he wanted and do whatever he wanted to his wife. The guards would make her family wait outside the room with guns to their heads. Jamal picked her out in the marketplace like a piece of meat. She would bathe in scolding hot water after he left. She told her husband if Jamal returned one more time that she would kill herself. So they decided to kill Jamal first, on their own without any help from Ihab or anyone else.

5. Bassam Sets Jamal Straight

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(Vered Adir/FX)

After his interrogation with Habib, Bassam goes to see Jamal. When his brother exits his room, Bassam throws Jamal against the wall and asks what’s wrong with him. What’s wrong with him. He could have had anyone but it had to be Habib’s wife because she was weak. He calls Jamal insane and he wants to know Leila’s opinion of her husband.

Jamal doesn’t let his wife talk and takes Bassam to speak in the steam room. He knows he has done bad things, but he wants to be a new man. These things he did in the past will never happen again. Bassam says it’s not that easy. In less than 24 hours, Jamal’s going to hang an innocent man based on the testimony of a witness who was coerced and evidence that was fabricated. Jamal argues that just because Ihab isn’t guilty of his assassination, he’s guilty of something else.

But this is the 21st century, Bassam reminds him, and the world is watching. He can’t kill the country’s rockstar rebel without condemnation from every country in the world. They will call for the hanging of Jamal, his son Ahmed and Bassam, if he’s still in the country.

Instead, Jamal gives into his brother’s demands to release Ihab and his followers. He will start a trust for Habib’s two children, but he will still get a body to hang, that of Habib for actually planning the assassination attempt.

Bassam informs his wife that he wants her to stay, so he can have at least one more sane person to talk to when he can’t trust Jamal. She agrees to stay as long as it remains safe.

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