‘Virgin Territory’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Tonight is the premiere of new reality series Virgin Territory on MTV. It’s a reality show about virgins who are waiting until their married, struggling to keep their virginity, or trying to lose it. The stars of the series are Lisa, Dominique, Kyle, Luke, and Mikaela. Check out the 5 Fast Facts to meet each of the virgins …

1. Lisa Youngerman

VideoVideo related to ‘virgin territory’: 5 fast facts you need to know2014-07-16T14:33:43-04:00

Lisa believes that sex before marriage is wrong as she was raised in a strict Christian family. However, the show begins with her engaged to fiance Nick and Lisa is ready to give herself to Nick.

According to MTV, Lisa begins to research married life and just prays that her sick father will be able to attend the wedding.

2. Luke Conger

Luke is the son of a pastor and is a “pure-living Christian.” He’s from a small town in Minnesota, but once Luke began to grow up and went to college, his views on having sex changed a little. MTV gives the run-down on the “kissing bandit.”

Once Luke went away to college, he started to realize he could have any girl he wanted and proceeded to date a handful at a time. Known as the “Kissing Bandit”, Luke struggles internally with his religious restrictions and raging hormones. Although he knows he should settle down with just one, Luke can’t help but test his moral boundaries.

Will Luke keep it strictly to kissing or will he cross the line into non-virgin territory?

3. Dominique Sullivan

Dominique was raised in a home that was just the opposite of her own views. MTV writes:

She was raised in a household where many of her family members have not only had sex but also had kids out of wedlock. Dominique is now determined to change the game and keep her heart on lockdown until the right man comes along and tries to put a ring on it.

While Dominique maintains her values, she also confronts the issues she has with her mother.

4. Mikaela Sims

Mikaela is on the hunt for a guy to take her virginity as she’s teased by her friends about being the only virgin in their crew. Mikaela is determined to find the perfect guy to take her v-card, but will her expectations get in the way of her goal? MTV writes:

Mikaela is a virgin on the prowl for a nice tattooed, alternative hipster to lose her virginity to. However, it seems as though her standards and expectations might be getting in the way of her finding her one true love. Harassed by all of her friends as the lone virgin, Mikaela goes on a honey-hunting mission from Oregon to Los Angeles in order to find herself a man.

5. Kyle Dansereau

Kyle has been keeping his sexual status a secret from his wild friends and decides he has to come clean to them. Their reactions at first are that they don’t believe him, but Kyle is a virgin, whether they want to accept it or not … However, Kyle does want to lose his virginity, just not to anyone though. MTV writes:

His college friends might think it’s uncool, but Kyle is determined to lose his virginity to someone special, not just a one-night stand. On the horizon, though, is a former flame from back home – and she’s ready and willing to help Kyle lose his v-card… but only if he’s ready.

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