WATCH: Full Trailer for ‘The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?’

Hollywood’s early attempts at bringing the world’s most popular superheroes to the big screen were hit or miss. At one point, Tim Burton was tapped to direct a blockbuster film based on DC Comics’ Superman. And who was supposed to play such an iconic American icon. Believe it or not, Nicolas Cage!

Jon Schnepp is in the process of finishing off a documentary based on the development of this now deceased film project. The trailer seen above for this doc gives fans some background info on the movie’s past production, written screenplays (Kevin Smith actually composed two drafts!) and its connection to The Death of Superman comic storyline.

Watch the trailer above to get a brief look at the documentary behind the production and eventual cancellation of Superman Lives.

The Death of Superman Lives

This documentary project still needs a few funds to completely get off the ground, so hit up this LINK to supply some funds of your own.