WWE Battleground 2014: The Results & Highlights You Need to Know

WWE Battleground 2014

The superstars of the WWE have gathered to engage in some epic warfare at WWE Battleground 2014. We’ll make sure to list all the results and highlights of this explosive PPV/special WWE Network event. Make sure you check out the live PPV Kickoff show on the WWE Network, starting at 7:30 p.m. EST!

Adam Rose vs. Fandango

WWE Battleground 2014

Winner: Adam Rose!

Best Moments/Highlights: Fandango immediately jumped on Adam Rose and dropped him with a nice back suplex. Rose’s “Rose Buds” sought to distract him while the match was going on. Fandango got slapped two times by Summer Rae and Layla when he jumped to the outside of the ring. Once Rose got him back in, he launched into his comeback array of moves. Rose then got the win with his Party Foul finisher.

Cameron vs. Naomi

WWE Battleground 2014

Winner: Cameron!

Best Moments/Highlights: Naomi rushed to the ring to get her paws on Cameron, but Cameron cowered between the ropes. Cameron managed to sneak in a cheap shot on Naomi, which led to her getting in some brutal offense on her former partner. Cameron managed to lock Naomi in a submission for a while, but Naomi was forcibly kicked out out of it. Out of nowhere, Naomi got back into gear and started beating down Cameron. Cameron tried to walk away from the match, but Naomi caught up wit her and beat her down on the outside of the ring. Once back in the ring, Cameron kicked Naomi in the mouth and slapped her. Naomi recovered, but then got caught with a push into the ropes. Cameron then rolled up Naomi for a cheap pin by holding her tights for the 3-count.

The Usos (Jey and Jimmy Uso) (c) vs. The Wyatt Family (Erick Rowan and Luke Harper) (2-out-of-3 falls tag team match for the WWE Tag Team Championship)

WWE Battleground 2014

Winners: And still the WWE Tag Team Champions, The Usos!

Best Moments/Highlights: Erick got his sheep mask knocked off as soon as the bell rung. Jey and him got into it for a while until Harper got tagged in. Jey knocked him down with a dropkick and pushed Harper to the outside. Both Usos ruled the roost as they both dropkicked Rowan off the ring apron. Harper and Jey re-entered the ring, which saw Harper get the upper hand by pushing Jey underneath the ropes. Rowan got tagged in and began twisting Jey’s neck in a submission attempt. Rowan and Harper worked on Jey by using tag team maneuvers and some brutal signature offense. Jey fought off Harper by landing a back suplex. Jey then got the hot tag to Jimmy, but he got caught with Harper’s big boot. Harper got the 1st pinfall win of the match. Once the 2nd fall began, Harper body splashed Jimmy into the corner. Rowan got tagged in and pulled off a body splash of his own. While Jey was out on the floor, Rowan and Harper brutalized his twin brother. Jimmy tried to fight back against Rowan, but he was too weak to keep Rowan up for a body slam attempt. Rowan fell on top of him, but only got a 2-count. Harper got back in and exchanged some painful punches with Jimmy, which saw Harper get the upper hand of the ordeal. Jey got tagged in and caught Harper off guard with a sudden 3-count for the 2nd pinfall win. Harper snapped and began assaulting Jey, but the ref stopped them. Once the 3rd fall began, Rowan entered the ring and hit a Fall Away slam on Jey. Harper got the tag and started working over a very weak Jey. Rowan soon made his return to the match with a body splash attempt in the corner, but Jey dodged it. Harper missed his book into the corner too, which then led to Jimmy getting the tag. Jimmy launched into over the top rope dives and body presses on Rowan and Harper. Jimmy landed an Enzuguri on Harper for a 2-count and then his signature comeback offense followed soon after. Harper dodged Jimmy’s butt splash attack and hit Jimmy with a body splash into the corner. Harper’s offensive string was cut off by Jimmy hitting a high-flying move off the top rope. Harper shook it off and then landed another big boot to Jimmy while was strewn near the corner. Harper hit his body press through the ring ropes on Jimmy and then went for a sitdown powerbomb. He got distracted though, as Rowan and Jey could be seen fighting on the outside. Things got even crazier as chaos ensued between both teams. Rowan got caught with a Superfly Splash , but kicked out at 2. In another exciting moment, Rowan superplexed both Usos but only got a 2-count on Jimmy. Harper got tagged in and looked to finish Jimmy with their tag team finisher, but Jey made the save with a Superkick on Rowan. Afterwards, Harper and Jimmy exchanged Superkicks of their own. Jimmy and Jey then hit dual Superkicks and then a double Superfly Splash on Harper for the final winning pin.

Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins

WWE Battleground 2014

Winner: Seth Rollins!

Best Moments/Highlights: Dean Ambrose’s sudden backstage attack on Seth Rollins led to Ambrose getting thrown out of the building. Rollins got the win via forfeit.

AJ Lee (c) vs. Paige (WWE Divas Championship)

WWE Battleground 2014

Winner: And still WWE Divas Champion, AJ Lee!

Best Moments/Highlights: Paige and AJ made sure to show each other respect by shaking hands. They then locked up for a few moments before Paige went for a kick to AJ’s gut. AJ bounced off the rope and went for a quick roll-up pin on Paige. Paige kicked out and soon landed a stiff Superkick on on AJ. Paige then began to work over AJ with submissions, kicks and punches. Paige’s assault soon stopped when AJ landed a Tornado DDT on Paige. AJ got back up to her feet, but Paige pushed her out to the ring floor. Paige pushed AJ into the barricade with a forceful shove. AJ and Paige fought to the top of the ring ropes, which then led to Paige landing a Sunset Flip Powerbomb on AJ. AJ kicked out and soon countered Paige’s swinging slam attempt with her Black Widow. However, Paige got out and hit her Paige Turner finisher but only got a 2-count. Paige then looked to lock in her finishing submission, but AJ countered the attempt and got the win by hitting a Shining Wizard.

Jack Swagger vs. Rusev

WWE Battleground 2014

Winner: Rusev!

Best Moments/Highlights: As soon as Swagger got into the ring, he fought off Rusev and pushed him out of the ring. Coulter caught a lethal slap from Lana before the bell even rang. Rusev charged at Swagger, but almost got caught in his Patriot Lock. Rusev charged back into the ring and began landing some vicious strikes on Swagger. Swagger countered him again though with another Patriot Lock attempt. While Swagger was outside arguing with Lana, Swagger hopped outside and threw him back into the ring. Rusev soon got the upper hand with a body Splash and a Fall Away Slam. Rusev locked Swagger in a submission hold for a while and then picked him for a stiff kick to the chest. Once Swagger recovered and started to land some punches on Rusev, Rusev launched him over the top rope to the outside. Swagger got some pep talk from Coulter after several punches from Rusev. Swagger entered into another mode and landed a clothesline and big boot on Rusev. Swagger then entered into his signature comeback moves, starting with the Swagger Bomb. Rusev kicked out of it though and began throwing haymakers at Swagger. Swagger fought them off and landed a Powerslam on Rusev for the 2-count. Swagger found himself standing on the ring apron, which led to Rusev kicking him right in the mouth. Rusev went for his Superkick, but Swagger caught his foot and finally locked him in the Patriot Lock. Rusev tried to reach for the ropes, but Swagger pulled him farther back. Rusev continued to crawl and eventually made it to the bottom rope. Swagger followed Rusev to the outside, clipped his knee and locked in the Patriot Lock again. Rusev countered by flipping over and launching Swagger into the steel ring post. Swagger got counted out as Rusev picked up the count out victory. After the match, Rusev continued his punishment of Swagger by locking in The Accolade.

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