Glee Season 6 Cast: New Characters

Glee new Cast season 6


Glee is gearing up for it’s sixth and final season with five new characters who will all be McKinley High sophomores. Check out their character descriptions below.

1. Roderick

Roderick is a shy, chubby kid who sources are saying has a voice like Otis Redding. He’ll be the show’s new underdog.

2. Spencer

Look out, there’s a new football stud taking over McKinley High. He’s supposedly “post-Glee gay”, which probably means he’s so tough that if anyone asks him about his sexual orientation, he’d kick their butts.

3. Jane

She’s not your typical kind of pretty, but is gorgeous nonetheless. Jane doesn’t really know how to crack a joke, which makes her funny in her own quirky way. She wanted to be a Warbler, but finds herself signing up with the New Directions instead.

4 & 5. Mason and Madison

Twins! Mason and Madison are male and female twins who are really peppy and really weird. Though Mason gives off a gay vibe, he isn’t gay.