Anthony Quintal: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Anthony Quintal is sometimes known as Anthony Spears, but better known by his pseudonym Lohanthony. The 15-year-old lives in Salem, Massachusetts but is watched all over the world for his YouTube vlog.

His presence on social media has brought him praise from many, however it has also made living a normal life as a teenager in high school next to impossible. Here are some things you should know about the vlogger, who is also nominated at the 2014 Teen Choice Awards:

1. He Named Himself After His Favorite Stars

Lohanthony, Anthony Spears, Anthony Quintal


Quintal idolizes many pop-culture icons from the 90’s- now, including and especially Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan. These two stars have lost their luster in the past decade. As young/ child stars they were hugely popular, but as they grew up they went down pretty dark paths. Quintal still loves them all the same.

These two stars in particular are the reasons for Quintal’s pseudonym. He goes by Anthony Spears on many social media outlets, but most people know the 15-year-old as Lohanthony. Lohanthony told New York Magazine that he believes he is the son of Spears and Lohan.

Lindsay responded to the love from Lohanthony with a tweet saying:

I love you more! thanks for the love and support.

To which Lohanthony responded in a video:

Someone call 911. Life Alert. Someone, please.

2. Quintal Hosted MTV’s Teen Wolf After Show

Lohanthony Teen Wolf, Lohanthony Vine

(Twitter/ Anthony Spears)

Teen Wolf is an MTV drama with a teen demographic, so who better to host the after show than the teen icon Lohanthony? The manager of social marketing at MTV told Tubefilter

We wanted to bring Lohanthony’s enthusiasm and energy into the new Teen Wolf After, After Show. He is our target demographic, but more importantly, we appreciated that as a fan himself, he speaks as the voice of community and connects with others around the show

Lohanthony is relatable to the teenage audience, so having him host the after show would likely bring even more attention to the show itself.

3. Cyber Bullying Has Hindered His Schooling

Lohanthony may be a confident and independent internet personality, but at school, he is not always like that. His fame and publicity has its ups and downs, Lohanthony reported in his “Back to School rants” video that upperclassmen had been taking pictures of him and making fun of him.

At school, Quintal didn’t respond to the teasing, but he later posted a video that directly called the kids out. That video faced major backlash from other people from his school and even just from his town.

Over Twitter, tons of Salem natives were calling Lohanthony names, and it ultimately ended in a death threat from one individual. Someone told Lohanthony to kill himself, but deleted the tweet shortly after.

Lohanthony saw the tweet before its deletion though, and he responded by saying:

I give up.

When someone threatens to kill me when I go back to school on Tuesday….. look who’s becoming homeschooled!!!!!

4. He has 1.4 Million Twitter and Instagram Followers

Lohanthony has a very large social media presence, especially on Twitter and Instagram. With 1.4 million followers on both accounts, he mentions on a number of his videos that he spends a large amount of his time tweeting and on Instagram.

Whatever thought comes to Lohanthony’s mind, he tweets it, so far he is 29.3 thousand tweets. His twitter is a mix of his personal feelings and promotions for his videos and brand in general. According to, he has more twitter followers than the Boston Red Sox.

5. He’s Been Making Videos Since the Age of 10

New York Magazine reported that Lohanthony, or as they call him, “the littlest big diva,” has been making videos since the age of 10. Since then, his internet presence has skyrocketed and made him a semi celebrity.

His most popular video, “Calling all the Basic Bitches,” was released when he was just 13. Another one of his biggest hits was his cinnamon challenge video that he made when he was 12. Now at 15, he’s one of the internet’s biggest stars.

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