Arshiya Malik, Zayn Malik’s Cousin Death Hoax: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

One Direction’s Zayn Malik is going through a really rough time right now as his young cousin has passed away, according to reports on Twitter. However, the sad news is not true. Read on for the sad facts on Arshiya Malik and her fight to live.

1. Arshiya Had an Operation For a Brain Tumor

Arshiya recently had an operation for a brain tumor. After Arshiya’s operation, she was said to have been doing better, but, things reportedly took a turn for the worse. Arshiya has been given a 1% chance of survival and is still fighting.

2. Four Days Ago Arshiya Was Put On Life Support

According to Aaroosa Malik, another of Zayn’s cousins, Arshiya was recently put on life support. Four days ago, the below message was posted on Instagram with the above photo.

Please can everyone pray for Arshiya as much as you can as her MRI scan didn’t come out good. Doctors are saying theres nothing they can do & have put her on life support machines now. Please keep her in your duas always & the rest is up to Allah.

3. Zayn’s Sister Has Confirmed That Arshiya Is Still Alive

In the above tweet, Doniya Elisha Malik, Zayn’s sister confirms that Arshiya is still fighting.

4. Zayn Looked Lost On Stage This Week

One Direction is currently on their Where We Are tour and, upon attending the concert on August 4th, I, along with other fans, noticed that Zayn didn’t seem himself on stage. First of all, the band was about an hour late on stage, which isn’t like them. Upon seeing Zayn, we speculated that Zayn might be sick and that’s why the band was late. That would have also explained his on stage demeanor … He didn’t really smile and seemed to just be going through the motions. Perhaps, he was saddened over the situation with his sick cousin.

One can only speculate.

5. Doctors Have Reportedly Given Up Hope

The above message was posted, which makes for sad news. In response, the hashtag #RIPArshiyaMalik has been trending among One Direction fans on Twitter, but the craze has died down since Zayn’s sister and cousin have posted updates on Arshiya’s condition.

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