‘Bachelor In Paradise’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Bachelor In Paradise is finally here and it’s full of tears, drama, surprises, craziness, and … love. Read on for all the spoilers on what the season has in store for viewers …

1. Surprises On the First Episode Of the Show Come From Two Michelles

On the premiere episode, an unexpected cast member shows up … a gorgeous one who’s brought some craziness to the franchise in the past … It’s Michelle Money. The second surprise is much more scandalous. Michelle Kujawa is caught hooking up with a member of the production crew and when the mystery man tries to escape getting caught, he jumps off Michelle’s balcony and breaks both his legs.


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2. Two Cast Members Are Now Engaged To Each Other

Bachelorette fans drooled over Marcus Grodd this past season as he competed for the heart of Andi Dorfman, but they need to wipe their chins because he’s now engaged to fellow Bachelor In Paradise cast member Lacy Faddoul. On the very first episode, Marcus gives Lacy a rose and the two carry out a romance through the very end.

3. There’s a Love Triangle On the Show

Elise is right in the middle of a love triangle, which results in her getting both rejected and scooped up by two cast-mates. It all goes down on episode 2 and Reality Steve gives us the details:

Elise and Dylan had hit it off early in the first few days. Once Chris Bukowski arrived, Elise hooked up with him, Dylan found out about it and basically didn’t want anything to do with her anymore … Elise still wanted to try things out with Dylan, but he wanted no part of it … Elise gives her rose to Dylan, but he rejects it like he told her he would, so she gives it to Chris.

On the third episode, Chris exits the show after injuring his knee in the ocean and Elise leaves with him. And, for extra fun, Reality Steve reveals:

Producers gave Chris a ring and wanted him to propose to Elise, but he decided he didn’t want to do it. Not sure how much of this, if any, will be shown.

For more info on Elise’s two guys, check out the below links:

4. Ben Scott Leaves When a Letter From an Ex Surfaces

Ben Scott has always appeared to be a little sleazy, though he plays the smooth and sexy single dad card very well. On episode 2, Ben gets put on blast by Marcus Grodd and ends up leaving the show. Reality Steve writes:

During this episode, Marcus finds a note in Ben’s suitcase from a girlfriend back home, he confronts him on it, and Ben leaves. Lets just say Marcus conveniently found the note. Producers actually found it but the show will make it seem like it was Marcus. I guess he was the one who they got to agree to just go along with the storyline.

5. The Rules Change On Episode 7

Of course there has to be a twist, so the rules change on the 7th episode. According to Reality Steve:

At the end of the sixth rose ceremony, Chris Harrison tells the remaining six couples that things are going to change. All their relationships will now be tested. He brings all 12 people together and says they now must evaluate their relationship and decide if the person they’re “paired” with is in their future. Not sure of the exact wording, but basically, are they gonna choose to stay together or break up? Couples are taken away from each other, the guys go with the guys and the girls go with the girls to talk about what’s going to happen.

So, who breaks up and who stays together? Tasos breaks up with Christy, Graham breaks up with AshLee, Sarah breaks up with Robert, Zack and Jackie break up, Marcus and Lacy go on the fantasy suite date and stay together, as do Cody and Michelle.

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