‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoiler: Marcus Finds Love Letter From Ben Scott’s Girlfriend

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On tonight’s episode of Bachelor In Paradise, Ben Scott is outed as having a girlfriend named Lindsay back home. Marcus Grodd “finds” a love letter from Lindsay Higgins to Ben and it’s clear that Ben is not looking for love on Bachelor In Paradise. The rumor is that Ben was already contracted to be on the show when he met Lindsay, so he went on the show anyway, with no intention of trying to connect with anyone. Reality Steve reports:

During this episode, Marcus finds a note in Ben’s suitcase from a girlfriend back home, he confronts him on it, and Ben leaves. Lets just say Marcus conveniently found the note. Producers actually found it but the show will make it seem like it was Marcus. I guess he was the one who they got to agree to just go along with the storyline.

Check out the above clip of when Marcus shows the letter to fellow cast-mate Marquel … And what do you think Ben has to say about tonight’s episode and members of production calling him a “putz?” His response is in the below tweet:

For more information on Lindsay, Ben and their relationship, check out the below links:


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Marcus has been save two time he need to be more hand on now she ‘s a good person and wants you to at least kiss her ask her out on a date now you are a good person let me know what happen tis letter is for Chris.

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