Blue Journey, ‘America’s Got Talent’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Get to know the dancing duo Blue Journey in our 5 Fast Facts to see what you can expect from them on the America’s Got Talent finals …

1. Blue Journey’s Choreography Is all by David Middendorp

Blue Journey’s performances are all choreographed by David Middendorp and Middendorp recently developed an app for dance called Kandinsky.

The functions of Kandinsky contains similar elements of communicating movements with the dancers compared to the traditional method. Shapes, lines, dynamics, placement in space and rhythm all can be translated through the App. Usage of Kandinsky can lead to a co-creation between the choreographer and dancer, without losing the control as the choreographer.

For more information on the app and how to use it, click here.

2. Their Style of Dance Is How They Came Up With Their Name

The choreography that Blue Journey uses is surrealistic and their style has created their very name. Blue Journey’s Facebook explains:

This choreography animation combination is about the journey of a girl that struggles with herself and the world around her. She is the only person in the world with a blue shadow and has the to deal with the conflicts that brings. The video projections shape her world, but as an audience we never know if what we see is real or just her fantasy.

3. Nick Mishoe Is a Co-Director of Ballet at a Dance Academy

Aside from his work with Blue Journey, Mishoe is a co-director of ballet, along with his wife Shayne, at The Academy of Dance Arts in Red Bank, New Jersey. His teaching bio gives quite the impressive resume:

During his dance career Mr. Mishoe had the honor of working with such influential choreographers as Sir Peter Wright, Natalia Makarova, William Forsythe and Christopher Wheeldon among many others and had the thrilling experience to partner with such powerhouses as Sarah Lamb & Pollyana Ribeiro. In 2007 Mr. Mishoe had the distinct pleasure of dancing for Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands! Mr Mishoe has been a guest teacher for the Royal Academy of Dance Summer Intensive in Long Beach and at the Red Bank Regional High School dance program.

Mishoe’s wife Shayne is also the co-director at the school and was a dancer for the Boston Ballet.

4. Rachel Kivlighan Is the More Social Half of the Duo

While Nick is not into the social media scene, Rachel does it all. She has Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even has an account where you can “ask her anything.” This has been a great way for Rachel to keep in contact with AGT viewers and fans.

5. Blue Journey Met Four Days Before Their Audition

This shadow-dancing duo met only four days before auditioning on America’s Got Talent and they were introduced by a mutual dancing friend, their choreographer. Get to know them in the above video.

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