Brenton Thwaites: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Amongst the star-studded cast of The Giver, is newcomer Brenton Thwaites.

Although the Australian has landed some film and TV gigs in the past, it’s safe to say that playing Jonas opposite Jeff Bridges‘ The Giver is his breakout role.

Learn more about the 25-year-old rising star.

1. He’s Australian

He studied acting at Queensland University of Technology, and graduated in 2010.

In the Instagram photo above, posted on his handle brontella121, he’s holding the Australian spread, Vegemite, with the caption, “As Aussie as anything comes. #lovehaterelationship.”

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In the video interview above, he dishes on how to master an Australian accent. “Well you need to work on your A’s…and you need to drop your R’s,” he said.

2. He’s the Lead in ‘The Giver’

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The highly coveted role required an audition with Jeff Bridges, who plays The Giver.

He told the Daily Beast about the experience:

The audition process was quite intense! Jeff had this baby for 20 years and to cast it at the last second, he really wanted to work it out and find the right Jonas. It was basically just a rehearsal. It didn’t feel like an audition. It was more finding this character and finding this kid’s innocence. I really enjoyed it. It’s where I really started working on this film, subconsciously. Then I met Jeff for the screen test and got on like a house on fire. He was super cool and I was super nervous. He was very relaxed in his Giver robe. Instantly, we were like, “This is going to be cool.” We jammed and rehearsed, playing around with the text and changing things up until we had a rough canvas of how we’re going to work together.

Watch the trailer above to see his on-screen bond with Bridges and his chemistry with Odeya Rush, who plays his love interest, Fiona.

3. There Were Rumors He Was Dating Taylor

taylor swift dating, taylor swift boyfriend


Of course, it didn’t take long for speculation to start that Taylor Swift, who has a small role in The Giver, and Thwaites were dating.

The pair was spotted at the Toronto Film Festival, laughing and getting cozy. At this point, the actor seems to be trying his best to dispel the rumors.

In an interview with J-14, he said, “She’s pretty funny, but an Aussie’s sense of humor is a whole new kettle of flies.”

“I mean, I feel like someone just pulled the biggest practical joke on me. I did something wrong to someone, and someone got me.” he told Celebuzz about the relationship gossip.

4. He Was on the Same Soap Opera as Heath

Home and Away 5412 part 1Charlie conspires with Brax to steal evidence. April unknowingly upsets Dex. Sasha goes out on a limb to surprise Stu.2011-10-25T15:29:07.000Z

On the Australian soap, Home and Away, shown above, Thwaites played Stu Henderson.

The popular TV show down under, which began in 1988, is responsible for giving actors like Heath Ledger, Chris Hemsworth, and Isla Fisher their starts.

Before his role on Home and Away, Thwaites starred in the Fox8 teen drama series, SLiDE, shown below.

Brenton Thwaites in SLiDE (Short)All rights go to respectful owner I really love this and thought I'd post it as I give you an update for the channel on here: Well remember my show What's In A Family? Well my computer is broken and I need to get a new one but till then I decided to save the…2014-03-10T22:42:53.000Z

The first project he worked on in the U.S. was the 2012 Lifetime movie Blue Lagoon: The Awakening.

5. He Starred Opposite Angelina

Brenton Thwaites


In Maleficent, he played Prince Philip.

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