‘Dallas’ Season 3B Spoilers, Premiere & Episodes

Tonight premieres the remaining episodes of season 3 for Dallas. Have a look at all the spoilers, episode info, and drama that may unfold for the rest of the season.

– Executive Producer Cynthia Cidre talks about the Pamela and John Ross dynamic this season, revealing to Entertainment Weekly:

He keeps trying to apologize, but she’s not having it. So yeah, so that’s sort of their path for the rest of the season. It’s very very rocky and she will have none of it and she wants revenge.

– So, what do we know about Sue Ellen this season? EP Cidre gives the run-down:

There’s some physical danger for Emma and Ann and then John Ross, so she’s involved in that because of course as a family, she’s quite worried about it and all of that, and then come season four, we’re going to take her in a completely different direction vis-a-vis her addictive personality.

Christian Today writes:

According to spoilers, Bobby will find out that Ann and Harris kissed and of course, Bobby will not like this at all.

– Pamela’s overdose was not an accident, for those viewers who believe it was …

At first, it was just going to be a ménage a trois and then I thought no no no, she’s going there to punish them. She’s going to overdose and make sure that every time they look at each other, all they think about is vomit.

-Nicolas’ wife probably won’t be around for season 4. Cynthia Cidre reveals:

She has an important part in the conclusion but it’s not like a delicious long scene like we had hoped. I was even thinking of her for season four, but I think she just took a show. She was awesome. She was gorgeous and just perfect for his wife.

Entertainment Weekly reveals that there’s a new cartel boss in town:

Cidre said the cartel will remain the biggest threat to the Ewings, along with the Rylands. “We didn’t mean it to be that big of a cartel season but then we cast it well. I loved Antonio [Jaramillo], the guy playing Luis. And then [he] has a boss whom I don’t think you’ve met yet, and we cast that really well too.” As for Drew, he shouldn’t have the Ewings too worried. “Drew is a threat but that’s an emotional threat, and he has some wonderful turns coming up in the next two episodes.

– Harris goes back to his old ways. Cidre tells Entertainment Weekly:

‘Watch. We’re going to make his mother worse.’ And so we brought in Judith [Light]. And she rehabilitated him and then we made him part of the CIA, so we sort of got him halfway there and you see that he really cared about her and that there’s a lot that went wrong because of his mother. But Mitch [Pileggi] is so good at playing bad that believe me, by the time we’re done, we’ll be back there again.

– The Cliff Barnes storyline will be sorted out by the end of the season and Cidre reveals episode 11:

I think it’s in [episode] 11—it’s almost like a one-act play, and it’s where Elena finally figures it all out and then the chickens come home to roost because she gets a hold of J.R.’s letter, and so she realizes what’s happened and she just accuses all of them in like a scene from Clue. It’s a really really good episode.

– Here’s the episode list for season 3:

The Return
Trust Me
Playing Chicken
Lifting the Veil
Like Father, Like Son
Like a Bad Penny
Where There’s Smoke
Denial, Anger, Acceptance
Dead Reckoning
Victims of Love
Boxed In
Brave New World

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Im so confused. Whats happening to these characters. If only it was here.

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