David Parnes, ‘Million Dollar Listing LA’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Everyone loves a man with a British accent and London boy David Parnes is sure to win over hearts with his on Million Dollar Listing LA, along with his business partner James Harris. Read on for the facts on the new cast member …

1. David Parnes Is Part of Mauricio Umansky’s Company

Parnes and his business partner James Harris work as part of Mauricio Umansky’s company Bond Street Partners. Mauricio is often seen on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills because he’s star Kyle Richards’ husband. We’ve also seen him here and there throughout the seasons on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. Cast-mate Josh Altman used to work for Mauricio until he established The Altman Brothers and Altman’s fiancee Heather Bilyeu actually works for Mauricio.

Last year Parnes was named one of “Hollywood’s Top 25 Real Estate Agents” and Parnes’ net worth is an estimated $16 million.

2. He Has a Girlfriend Who He’s Building a Home For

Sorry, ladies. Parnes is taken by a woman named Adrian Abnosi, his girlfriend. They have two Basset Hounds named Maxi and Bella and Parnes is currently building a 4,200 square foot home in West Hollywood where they will live. Adrian is a gorgeous blonde who enjoys the finer things in live … and can we blame her?

Parnes is a relationship guy, having just broken up with an ex about a week before dating Adrian. He met Adrian out to dinner when she was actually with another man. Parnes figured out the two weren’t together and he went after her.

3. Parnes Started Out Working for a Hedge Fund

Parnes is a mama’s boy who graduated from the University of Manchester and began working at a hedge fund until he decided to move on to private real estate assets. So, how did he end up in Los Angeles? Bravo TV writes:

While taking breaks from the London fog, Parnes spent his summers in Los Angeles and was drawn to the sunshine, beautiful people and vast potential of the city’s real estate market. As a result, he made the decision to permanently call L.A. home in 2009. Today, he specializes in high-end residential real estate and investment properties in Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Brentwood, the Hollywood Hills, Malibu, the Pacific Palisades and the greater Los Angeles region.

4. He And His Partner Have a “No-Nonsense” Approach to Closing Deals

When it comes to business Parnes does not mess around. He and his partner Harris have a strict formula and a “no-nonsense” method to closing deals on projects. Bravo TV reports:

The partners’ “no-nonsense” approach to closing deals, coupled with their extensive network of high-net-worth international and domestic clients, have enabled them to rise to the top in an astoundingly short period of time.

Together with his partner, Parnes raked in over $120 million in sales plus $150 million in escrow for 2013. For more information on Parnes’ partner James Harris, click the below link:

5. Parnes Thinks Josh Altman Is a “Douche”

In the above clip, Parnes tells the cameras that veteran cast member Josh Altman is a douche because he’s always going after the same clients and houses that they go after. However, Parnes says that their caliber of real estate is slightly higher.

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