‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoiler: Dylan, Elise & Chris – The Love Triangle

Bachelor In Paradise Spoilers, Dylan Petitt Leaves Bachelor In Paradise, Elise Mosca And Dylan Petitt


On tonight’s episode of Bachelor In Paradise, Chris Bukowski shows up and goes on a date with Elise Mosca, which creates issues with Dylan Petitt. On episode one, Elise and Dylan hit it off and Elise tells the camera it could be “love at first sight.” Nonetheless, when Bukowski comes on the show, it’s game over for Dylan. Elise makes out with Chris in the ocean and Dylan confronts her about it. At the rose ceremony, despite her makeout session with Chris, she offers Dylan a rose. Dylan rejects it and wants nothing to do with Elise. Here’s the best part … Elise then offers her rose to Chris who actually accepts Dylan’s “sloppy seconds.” Unfortunately, Bachelor In Paradise then says goodbye to Dylan.

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