Erica Packer: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Meet the 37-year-old who is causing more drama in the Bieber/Bloom saga, Erica Packer.

1. She Was Seen Out With Orlando

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Bloom and Packer’s marriages ended in 2013, a month apart. Two days after the Bieber punch, Bloom was spotted on a yacht in Ibiza, Spain, hugging Packer. Daily Mail Australia published the photos.

According to the Daily Mail
, “Erica was living and working in the UK over a decade ago when she first befriended Bloom.”

2. He Ex is James Packer, Miranda New Man

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According to Forbes, James Packer is worth 6.6 billion, and is one of the richest people in Australia.

He serves as the chairman of Crown Limited, one of Australia’s largest entertainment and integrated resort groups.
When his father, media mogul Kerry Packer died in 2005 at age 68, James inherited $5 billion from Australian magazines and television.

He split from Erica in September of 2013, weeks after renovating their Sydney mansion for a reported $35 million.

He supposedly met Kerr after giving her advice when she launched her beauty products, Kora, years ago.

3. She Has 3 Kids With Packer

They have a daughter Indigo, born in 2008, a son Jackson Lloyd, born in 2010, and a daughter Emmanuelle Sheelah, born in 2012.

The kids live with Erica in L.A. Erica reportedly earned a $100 million divorce settlement, and bought a mansion in Bel Air.

In her first interview after the breakup, she told Vogue Australia, “The actions we take now, the way we behave, will affect three little innocent people for the rest of their lives.”

James told Forbes, “I’m just trying to do the best job I can. I’m trying to be the best father I can to my kids. I’m trying to do the best job I can running my business.”

4. She Sings

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Watch the video above for her single, “I Don’t Feel a Thing.”

5. She’s a Model

Here is her Vogue Australia cover.