Hit the Floor Season 2, Episode 11 Recap: Top 5 Spoilers

(Facebook/Hit the Floor)

(Facebook/Hit the Floor)

On Monday night’s episode of Hit the Floor, new developments unfolded in Olivia’s murder case, and a couple we all used to know and love got back together. Tensions ran high and fits were thrown.

Here’s what you missed.

1. Chase Gets Cleared Of Olivia’s Murder

The department decides to reopen Olivia’s case after they realize there’s no possible way Chase could be responsible for his wife’s death. Oscar knows he’s number one on the suspect’s list, and is determined to frame other people to keep himself looking innocent.

He calls Jelena into his office to tell her that he had Olivia followed before her murder. He knew Olivia had a heated argument with Jelena before she died.

Next, he meets with Jude. He knows Jude is gay, and knew Olivia was in on the secret. Oscar tells Jude he doesn’t condone his actions, and he’ll never be his real son. Harsh.

2. Lionel’s Pregnant

Sloane tells Pete she loves him and he says he’s never loved anyone the way he loves her. Lionel overhears them, and runs to the bathroom crying. She keels over with stomach pains, and drops a pair of baby shoes in the trash as she walks out. So, Lionel’s pregnant with Pete’s baby. We didn’t see that one coming.

In a dramatic scene, Lionel approaches Sloane to tell her she overheard everything. She vocalizes her hatred for Sloane, saying that she was the sole cause of her and Pete’s divorce.

Later on, Lionel approaches Oscar with the documents that could get him arrested, but interestingly enough, it seems like she’s not gonna turn him in. Instead, she wants to gang up on Sloane with Oscar.

3. Derek Threatens Jude

Derek and Jude know each other’s alibis for Olivia; they’re protecting one another from what Olivia knew about them. But Derek thinks Jude told Zero about him doing cocaine and says he’s not covering for him anymore. Jude tells Derek that without him to cover his alibi, he’ll go under water. Derek says: “Drown bitch.”

4. Kyle’s Paid To Mess With Derek

Oscar gives Kyle a wad of cash and says that she needs to throw Derek Roman a “special” party. Towards the end of the episode, Kyle invites a confused Derek over to her apartment, where she tells him she’s not going to do what Oscar told her to do: get with him. She likes him too much.

5. Ahsha Gives German a Lap Dance

Throughout the episode, German makes it quite clear that he’s interested in Ahsha again, even though he’s been seeing Kendall.

One night, she invites him in to watch her dance, and she ends up giving him a lap dance. He awkwardly leaves… only to come right back and start making out with Ahsha. The two rip off one another’s clothing and go at it on the studio floor.

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