Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson, ‘Jack And Jack’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson, more commonly known as the Vine duo “Jack and Jack,” have made a name for themselves in not only the internet star world, but also in music and technology. The two teenagers are fresh out of high school and already have a brand that is known across the country.

With their hilarious Vines and hip hop songs, they’ve built a huge fan-base mostly consisting of teen girls. Here are some things you should know about the boys:

1. They Have Been Friends Since Kindergarten

Jack Gilinsky and Jack Johnson are high school graduates, viners, hip hop artists, and childhood best friends. Gilinsky and Johnson met in Kindergarten and have remained best friends all the way through high school.

The duo’s first vines were actually just made by Johnson, but Gilinsky joined the account shortly after and it began to take off. What began as an average teenager’s Vine account with a local following is now known nationwide.

2. Jack And Jack Have 4 Million Followers on Vine

Jack and Jack Vine, Jack and Jack Twitter, Jack and Jack Instagram

(Twitter/ JackJackJohnson)

Gilinsky and Johnson’s Vine following began very small, as most do. But, the hilarious duo’s fame took off in a very short amount of time. Johnson’s first vine was made in July of 2013, that summer the two started making vines together and created a joint account.

Gilinsky told Wowt.com that when school started back up in the fall, they had 38,000 followers. That’s pretty substantial for normal Omaha kids, but nothing compared to what they had coming their way.

Early on in the school year their classmates poked fun at the boys calling them famous as a joke, but midway through the years that joke became a reality, they had about 2 million followers by then. Now, a year later, they have 4 million followers on Vine, Gilinsky and Johnson got the last laugh.

3. They Wrote a Song That Made it to #7 on Hip Hop Charts

On January 28, 2014, Gilinsky and Johnson released their first original song called “Distance.” They had posted vines in the past that involved them singing or playing music but they were all covers. Distance was their first ever song that they had written and recorded themselves.

This song took Jack and Jack’s career to the next level, they went from internet stars to HipHop stars overnight and made it to #7 on the HipHop Charts (Wowt.com).

Since then, Gilinsky and Johnson have released a number of other songs available on iTunes. “Doing it Right” is a new hit, which is about their career taking off and not caring about the negative things people have to say about them.

4. The Two of Them Plan to Go to College Together

Jack and Jack College

(Twitter/ JackJackJohnson)

These best friends have been together since they were toddlers and they do not plan to end that closeness now entering college. Gilinsky and Johnson are planning on attending the same college in the fall, which one has yet to be decided.

The boys told an interviewer that they would love to attend USC, but they are unsure if the school will be able to accommodate their needs. Wherever Gilinsky and Johnson end up, they will maintain their growing brand and keep their career going strong.

5. They Created a Trending iPhone Game Called ‘Let it Goat’

Jack and Jack App, Jack and Jack Let it Goat


Aside from their extremely popular Vine career, Gilinsky and Johnson designed an iPhone and Android app called “Let it Goat” that has now become very popular. The two had an internship together at SkyVu Entertainment. This game is similar to many popular games around now, in which the goal is to get as many points as possible by making a goat hop and avoid obstacles like spikes and zombies.

According to Omaha.com, this game was trending on twitter shortly after it was released. ABC News called the app “the most addictive game since Flappy Bird.” Flappy Bird was taken down from the iTunes Store and now Let it Goat seems to be taking its place.


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Alicia Crawford

Jack and Jack have a really great song called “Doing It Right”, wonderful song and Jack Johnson has a song out with Skate. Johnson is 19 and Gilinsky is 18 almost 19 in December.


Hello there! Do yoou know iif they make any plugins to safeguard against hackers?
I’m kinda paranoid about osing everything I’ve worrked hard on. Any suggestions?

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