James Harris, ‘Million Dollar Listing LA’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Get to know James Harris, one of the new British boys on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. We’ve got the scoop of cast-mate rivalries, Harris’ beautiful wife, and the facts on his real estate career.

1. Harris Started Real Estate at Age 16

When Harris was only 16 years old, he started out in the real estate industry and 5 years later he decided to move to Los Angeles. Like his business partner Parnes, Harris has an estimated net worth of $16 million and closed $120 million in sales plus $150 million in escrow last year. According to Bravo TV:

Born and raised in London, England, Harris’ entrepreneurial drive started at the tender age of 16. After working as a residential investment agent in the United Kingdom, Harris headed west to Los Angeles to broaden his horizon and to enjoy the California sunshine. Today, Harris is living the American Dream, working in a city he loves with an incredibly talented group of people.

For more information on Harris’ business partner and cast-mate David Parnes, click the below link:

2. Valerita Harris Is James’ Beautiful Wife

Harris has a beautiful wife named Valerita and two young daughters, Sofia and Chloe. When he’s not working, he’s usually found spending time with his family, often at the beach. He also is quite involved with several charities, particularly the Jewish Federation Community. To see all of Valerita Harris’ best Instagram pics, check out the below link:

3. Cast Member Josh Flagg Is Friendly With Harris, But Josh Altman Is Another Story

On the show, Harris’ partner Parnes comes right out and says that he thinks Josh Altman is a “douche” and that he’s always going after the properties or clients that they have. On the other hand, Harris says cast-mate Josh Flagg is quite friendly. Harris tells Us Weekly:

I think Josh Flagg is a big fan of ours, we love him, he’s funny and charismatic. And Josh Altman, we will remain quiet on our thoughts about him. But I will say he’s a hard worker — he’s arrogant and we reserve judgement on our comments there.

4. Harris and Partner Parnes Are Replacing Madison Hildebrand on the Show

Madison Hildebrand was an MDLLA staple, as well as favorite, and this season, he’s decided to move on from the show. Harris and Parnes have been brought on to replace Hildebrand and bring some new blood. Though they’re not on friendly terms with Josh Altman, Altman looks forward to their being part of the show and says he was happy to see Hildebrand go. When the Hollywood Reporter asked Altman his thoughts on Hildebrand leaving, he said:

I can tell him I wish him best of luck with his future endeavors, and I’m glad he’s off the show because he was extremely boring. And I’m excited to watch the entire show all the way through now with the new cast because I always fast-forwarded through his parts anyway.

5. Bravo Leads Us to Believe That Harris and Parnes Will Be Taking Over MDLLA Territory This Season

According to Bravo TV, Harris and partner Parnes are going to kick ass and take names on season 7 of the show. Bravo writes:

This season, British transplants David Parnes and James Harris are making a name for themselves with their crisp suits and smooth selling moves … The Joshes have no chance of getting cheeky with this pair as their sly business sense and international prowess make them the threat they never saw coming … Josh Flagg has enjoyed the splendors of being a top agent in Beverly Hills, but with a new slew of agents on the rise, he is forced to protect his precious piece of the pie by any means necessary.

Look out, Joshes. The British are coming!

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